Saturday, December 19, 2015


ABOVE: Tallulah checking her baby is OK while we took photos.  I love it.  She is just the most wonderful little mother.

ABOVE:  It is getting much easier to tell them apart now.  I can't wait to see how much they change in the next week.... when they start trying to WALK.

That's when the camera become a video recorder for sure.  *smiles*

Today I'm sending Stew out to do the grocery shopping while I stay home with the littlies (pups and Keera).

When he gets home I'm going down to Spotlight to get some polar fleece fabric to make the puppy blankets.  I'm NOT going to put their names on them this time, I'm going to put a doggy bone on them.

This is because some owners in the past have left it to the last minute to come up with a name, and I've had to sew names on right up to the day they leave!  Not doing that again.

ABOVE:  Totally forgot to show my new nails yesterday!  Nice and simple for a change.  I'll probably put colours on in a few days knowing me. *smiles*

ABOVE: Can you see the faint line down that nail?  That's me split nail, and yesterday the lady taking off me old nails split it right up the nail bed almost to the end!  It hurt like bejezus!
I wasn't impressed.  

When I kinda screamed the more experienced nail technician came over apologised profusely.
Oh well... shit happens.  I'm hoping like hell it doesn't get infected now.

 ABOVE:  Our beautiful Miss Muppet... she's really looking forward to seeing her Mummy soon. 
Lacy is working hard on finding a new home for them BOTH.  Hopefully it won't be too much longer.

ABOVE:  Must not forget our other gorgeous girl... she's been sadly neglected on the blog lately.  Wonder why?  lol
She got to sniff the puppies yesterday while we were taking photos of them, and Tallulah didn't attack her!  Tallulah is finally settling down and not being so over protective of them. 

Right, that's all for now... catch ya later.


6.24 pm:  WOW look what happens when life gets busy!  I forget to update.

Today.. well Stew and I ended up doing the grocery shopping, leaving all the kids at home.  Wise move considering how busy the supermarket was.
I went to Spotlight and got some fabric to make the puppy blankets... then we bought a shit load of groceries, and some Christmas food (ham, chocolates etc) then came home and put it all away.

After lunch Stew and the kids went back to the mall for some Christmas shopping, I stayed home so Keera could have a nap.

I spent a bit of time this afternoon preparing the blankets.  I have managed to get one finished so far:

ABOVE:  Dodge's blanket.   I decided to put a paw on each blanket instead of a bone.  Cute?

Signing off early tonight.  Coronation Street is on soon, and after that I'm sewing. edit:  No bloody Coronation Street tonight!  Pfffft.

End of Day:  an awesome day, we got heaps done.  Stew cooked a lovely spag bol dinner too.
nite nite


  1. Cute puppies, cute dogs & cute kid - you are surrounded by cuteness :-)

  2. Hi Chris. I am now a qualified nail tech and I would not put anything on your nail with the split the way it is. It is prone for infection if you leave it. I recommend you go and get it removed properly. I also asked a second opinion and they also said removal ASAP. Oh and Chico is doing well :)

    1. I'm too scared of how much it will hurt to get it taken off right now! I'm going to just leave it and keep me fingers crossed it is OK. Good to know Chico is fine. Thanks for your concern about me nail.

  3. How horrible with your nail! I'm so so sorry!

    Tallulah looks so sweet with her baby... so cute. What a nice batch of pups she had. :)

  4. Chris the blanket is gorgeous. What an awesome idea. They are all beautiful, I can't wait until I can get a dog to be my companion in and out of the house. But little way off yet.

  5. A sleeping bundle of cuteness! Ohhhh that star wars blanket is cool with or without the paw. I did last of shopping just 14 items took 10 mins from home to shop and back bliss.

  6. Love the blanket - that is so cute and original . That little "muppet" is GROWING and so beautiful- like her grandmother. How very sweet of Stew to cook! Lucky girl. Hugs


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