Monday, December 07, 2015


The puppies, IN BIRTH ORDER:

 They look adorable, but just wait until they get fluffy!  Oh my ... !

Today I have an appointment at WINZ to sort out things with Keera. 
Steve and Bex are coming over to watch the puppies for me while I'm out.

That's all I have for now... 


***SORTED*** For all you friggin 'know it alls' we have now sorted out everything with WINZ.  SO now you can back off, pull ya head in and leave us alone.  Thank You so much.

I got home in time to have a quick cuddle with Archer before they went home.  Keera is now having her nap and I'm grabbing some lunch before catching 40 winks myself.

Sleep deprivation!!!  OMG it's the pits.

I wasn't going to stay up and keep watch on Tallulah tonight, but she's still squishing puppies, losing them and getting stressed out when one or more moves away from her, so I will be having another sleepless night tonight.  *sigh*

The things I do!

So... Coco got a wee bit too near the whelping pen... and Tallulah flew out and attacked her!  Like... there was a full blown dog fight in my lounge!
Horrible.  But, Coco didn't get hurt, and Tallulah laid down the law.  FIRMLY.   DON'T. COME. NEAR. MY. BABIES.  End of.  


I just go this picture sent to me by Bex:

ABOVE:  it's a Snowflake tree decoration.  Bex knows that all our Christmas decorations are in storage in Hamilton, so she's making me some.  I love the snowflake.  Bling!

Is anyone else having trouble with Blogger today?  Just a heads up, if I keep having trouble viewing my own blog... or posting... and then I can't update at all... it's not my fault OK?
For some reason I keep getting an ERROR notification when I try to VIEW my blog.  So far I can still edit a post, thankfully ... how long that lasts I don't know.

ANNE R:  They are gunna be really PRETTY dogs!  I could easily hold one for you.  *smiles*

Well I think the blogger issue is over.  I can now read my blog again. Hopefully if anyone else was having problelms they can again too.

End of Day: It's been another busy day, and glad its over.  I'm so tired I can hardly think straight.  
nite nite


  1. Gorgeous! Have a good day :-)

  2. yay puppies!!! have you got any buyer's lined up? xxx

  3. Gorgeous little puppies.

  4. Anonymous12:13 PM

    Hehe we are all legit
    Love Keera's Mummy xx

  5. Anonymous1:53 PM

    Congrats on the puppies!!!! So Adorable!!!

  6. Just as well I missed the "friggin' know it alls" you referred to. If Lacy is letting you keep Keera, she's not kidnapped and it's between you-all. sheesh.

    Your pups are absolutely adorable. Are they larger than Coco's pups were? They seem very filled-in furwise already.

    1. Anonymous3:02 PM

      I'm not letting my parents keep my daughter lol, this is a short term arrangement and that's all most people need to no :)
      Love Keera's Mummy xx

    2. These pups are similar sizes to Coco's pups. They are on a whole a bit darker than Coco's though.

  7. Gorgeous puppies. Missed the 'know it alls' thankfully - but there are always plenty of them aren't there. Love the fotos of ur grandkids.

  8. I have had trouble trying to read your posts of the last few days through blogger. Love the colouring of the puppies.
    Have the best day and try to get by on your nap xox

  9. Clever Bex :) That's lovely. Enjoy the pups - I know you all will!!

  10. Those babies are just gorgeous. Clever Tallulah doing that in just 60 days!! Love Bex's snowflake, that's lovely of her to make your decorations. Hope you get a decent sleep tonight!

  11. Awww cutsie cutsie fur babies, I am loving that snowflake.

  12. Anonymous11:18 PM

    Beautiful pups !!!



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