Tuesday, December 08, 2015


So... Bex is busy making me Christmas decorations....

 ABOVE: a friend on Facebook showed me these cute trees a while ago, and Bex is going to have a go at making me one (or two)...

 ABOVE: Bex found this candy cane ... only I think it needs to be smaller, which she can do I'm sure.

 ABOVE: Bex made these three last night!  I love them of course, blue, bling!

 ABOVE: Tallulah and her pups last night.  
I'm not 100% happy with Tallulah, I think she's not feeling well...so I'm going to try and get her into the Vet's today.  I think she still has some afterbirth inside and that could be causing her some problems.  I hope I'm wrong.

ABOVE:  two wide eyed kids... dying to get their hands on a puppy!  I let them stroke one for just a second.  They were in awe.  So cute.

ABOVE:  Little Archer... can sit up unaided now, crawls 'commando style' and is chewing on an apple.  7 months old and doing so well!  Oh and much to Bex's disgust, he can say 'Da Da Da'.  Hee hee, how typical.  They almost never say Mum first.

Right, I'm just waiting to ring the Vets once they open, then I will know my plans for the day after that.


9.52 am:  And  the day is going well.
Keera is at Daycare and we have just gotten home from the Vet's.
Fiona checked Tallulah out and declared her OK, such a relief.
She doesn't have a temperature or anything nasty brewing by the look of it.

I'm such a worry wort!

It was very stressful on Tallulah going out, so we are now going to have a quiet morning together.

Coco is hiding behind my back on the couch, as every time Tallulah sees her she gets crabby at her.  Poor Coco!

3.31 pm:  yaaa... it's been an awesome morning and afternoon.  Tallulah and the puppies are very settled, and I've had a good rest too.
Feeling much better now.

I need to go out to pick up Keera and some Puppy food for Tallulah (she needs it while feeding pups) now.  

I forgot End Of Day!


  1. Rena said mum first

  2. Bec has done a great job of the crochet Xmas decorations. I'm making wreaths with ribbon and just bought tulle to make a Santa one. Crazy I thought I had gotten over the craft bug years ago. Of course got rid of all my craft stuff glue gun etc. oh well we will c Wat the de year brings it might just be a Xmas craft faize I'm going thru

  3. I'm glad the pup is ok!

  4. Bex is very clever with a crochet hook. Handmade ornaments are the best. The trees are my favourite.

  5. Anonymous7:35 PM

    Being realistic here Chris, while I'm working I think it would too hard on a puppy. Gorgeous though and just love the colouring of them. Hope all goes well for mum and pups - Anne R

  6. Love the decorations. I reckon a small tree with just homemade crocheted decorations would look so cool.
    Glad Tallulah is fine.

  7. oh Archer is so cute look at that hair! Glad Talullah is ok and a bit more settled. the crotchet trees are too cute..

  8. Anonymous9:30 PM

    Archer is so cute !!! all the pictures look great,




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