Sunday, December 27, 2015


As of last night, three of our puppies have 'forever' names.

And another owner is coming to meet her puppy today, the girl who has bought Dodge.  His name shall now be TOBY.  I like that name.  

ABOVE:  Jeep has become 'Jerry', Dodge has become Toby and Viva kept her 'home' name.

Look at them!  They are getting fluffy!  And mobile!  OMGosh, I took a video of them last night, and wanted to upload it, but it took too long.  So I will try and get a shorter one today and post it.  

They are all walking like little drunk dogs now!  And starting to be very frisky.  And pooping and peeing all over themselves and their bedding.

It's getting to the 'messy' stage.  Now the work begins.  Keeping them and their area clean.  

I've moved them into the garage so I can give them more room as they grow, and I can open the garage door for better ventilation.

Cos six puppies pooping starts to SMELL after a while, and as we are trying to sell the house, it ain't a good thing to have a smelly house!

So... I'm doing what I can to keep the 'smell' confined.  

I can't wait till I can put them out on the lawn too.... that is going to be so much fun for everyone.  *smiles*

I don't have any plans for the day.... just so RELIEVED we don't have an Open Home!  It's the first sunday in months we can just relax.

So, on that note... catch ya later.


11 am:  still waiting for one of the puppy parents to arrive to see her puppy.
I'm not going to be home this afternoon, I'm going to St Lukes mall for a wander with the kids.
Stew is staying home to do some paper work.

Toby's family arrived and spent a good deal of time visiting with him/us.  They have breed Fox Terriors before, so know all about puppies.  Yaaa one less family I have to lecture on how to look after our babies!

We went to St Lukes mall for lunch with Steve, Bex and boys.  It was hot, busy, crowded and all I wanted to do was get out of there!

So we didn't stay long at all.  It's a stinking hot day today!  Too hot.  SHOOT. ME. NOW.

Stew made a lovely dinner tonight.  Baked potatoes, with ham/onion/baked beans/cheese/sour cream, with some sausages on the side.  It was really nice.

Thank god, the sun is setting. It's getting more bearable now.  

End of Day:  a nice day, meeting Toby's new Mum and Sister was good too. Totally looking forward to my bed tonight!  Hot and bothered.  
nite nite


  1. They are so precious. I just posted about mine being sick. Is the "doggie flu" going around where you live at to????

  2. This is a recipe I just ran across on a blog called Canning Granny and it just sounded good to me?
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  3. cute puppies WHY oh WHY would you venture out ugh! I have read lay in sun been in me lava lava for 3 days now BLISS but have had to put clothes on at end of day to go out for dinner like tonight not looking forward to that wish I could just go in me lava lava.


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