Tuesday, December 15, 2015


I loathe wrapping presents.
Particularly at Christmas time.
Cos there's usually so many to wrap.

This year isn't quite so bad I suppose.

I've done about 1/4 of the grandkids presents so far, and I'm not doing any for my big kids at all.

We are doing a 'joke' present, Lucky dip box for all adults here on Christmas Day.  It could be fun, not something we have done before that's for sure.  I'm looking forward to it.

Tomorrow is Dante's 3rd Birthday, so I need to wrap his present as well.  

So while Keera's at Daycare I hope to get it all done and dusted.  Then I can relax.

Keera has 'Water Fun Day' at Daycare today.  I hope she has heaps of fun.  

Really looking forward to NEXT Monday, when we can finally put up our 'new' Christmas tree.  Then it might just feel like Christmas.  *smiles*

Right, that's me for now... off to get Miss Muppet ready for Daycare.


11.00:  We got a phone call from the Design Store, one of our new pieces of furniture arrived, so Griffin and I went over and picked it up.

It has to be assembled, so I will do that soon.

While in the shop I spied something I really needed!

I have been wearing swimming goggles when I cut up onions, but Griffin broke them several weeks ago and I hadn't got around to replacing them.

Then I saw some 'Onion Goggles' in the shop, so bought them .....

ABOVE:  What do ya think of me new goggles?  Huh huh?  *lol*

Just took this darling photo... Bentley looks so adorable:

ABOVE:  Bentley lying on top of his brother.

12.45:  Just got a call from the Real Estate guys. They have a Private Viewing lined up for the house tomorrow afternoon at 4.30.  Trying NOT to get excited.  Been there, done that eh?

4.45 pm:  Keera had A BLAST at Daycare today!  She loved water day, and didn't want to get out of her togs at all.  And she didn't have a midday nap either, so she will be early to bed tonight.

I'm expecting Mini's 'owner' to come over tonight to meet her, so hopefully that goes well.  Though I can't imagine anyone not loving any of our little puppies!  They are so adorable.

Mini's owner popped in tonight and that went well... they were lucky... Mini didn't piddle on them!  lol

End of Day: another good day, everything went to plan.  
nite nite


  1. I agree about the gift wrapping! I hate it but got all mine done before we left for Rarotonga. I'll get home to everything ready for Christmas, happy about that :)

  2. Anonymous12:40 PM

    Love the goggles and the pups are cute too!

  3. Looking swish Chris.

    1. I fink dey suit me! Swish ... yeah! ha ha ha

  4. Ha ha .... love the Dame Edna glasses :) Very pretty!!

    Good luck with today's house viewing.

    1. It's tomorrow afternoon Chick.

    2. Oops! Lol - that will serve me right for sneaking in some blog time at work! Was in a hurry and didn't read it properly - sorry! :)

  5. Love those glasses lol 😘 we also got private viewing tomorrow let's hope we both get lucky 😊

    1. Oh I hope so mate, I really do. Good luck!

  6. Love the glasses

  7. Anonymous6:48 PM

    Getting rich impregnating Tallulah is not the way to go. She suffered so much in her pregnancy. Don't do it Chris. It's cruel.
    Gill Davis, Scotland, UK

    1. "She suffered so much in her pregnancy" ??? What planet are you on? What do you know about my dog? Were you living here in this house while she was pregnant then? NO. We had puppies with Tallulah because WE as a family love raising them. It's NOT for money. If I was interested in making MONEY I would have several dogs and breed them every season. Ya dick. I advertised them early so people could get a puppy for Christmas, but not pick it up till after their holidays. End of. My husband makes more than enough money for us to be 'comfortable'...we don't need to "get rich impregnating Tallulah". So keep your misguided opinions to yourself ya dick.

    2. Anonymous11:45 PM

      Exactly, so sick of all you no it all's you want to see the people who do it for the $ and see actual ill treated animals go to a puppy mill ffs's
      End of story

  8. I doubt it's getting 'rich' that motivates Chris. We are not talking tens of thousands of dollars. It's more her love of dogs, puppies, and kids in general. Silly comment Gill. If our breeder hadn't bred our dog we wouldn't have her and our lives would have been sadder because of it.

  9. I love those onion googles very you! Bentley is adorable bet all he new owners can't wait. Hope Keera gets to go through holidays to daycare or do they close? She will miss it by the look of her fun packed days.

  10. I saw some of those goggles the other day, good for a laugh.. Good luck with the private viewing . That fish dish is so you !

  11. That's why they invented gift bags and those boxes that are preprinted with stuff on them lol.

    Yeah! Hope the private viewing goes well!

  12. Or make pillow cases to put all those presents in...


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