Sunday, December 20, 2015


So, today we do the last Open Home for the year.
I can't wait for it to be over.

We will only do 'Viewings By Appointment' after today... until mid-January, when we will start Open Homes again.

I always think there's not that much to do to get ready, but there always IS.  It's the last minute things that make me flustered, and now we have the puppies added into the mix.

Hopefully it goes well and we get a few viewers.

That's all I have for now!  I'm off to make a start on the housework.

SO LOOKING FORWARD TO 3 pm when it's over.

5 SLEEPS till Christmas!  Are YOU ready???  I think I am.

ABOVE:  Our little Archer, such a happy wee man.  Looks like he's enjoying his dinner?  Looks like hot chips to me.


11.12 am:  and we are almost done!  Just the last minute things to do now.  Yaaaa.

Brylee must be feeling like her throats been cut right now.
I have confiscated her phone as she broke the CARDINAL RULE.

She was 'chatting and giving out personal information' to a complete stranger!   BOOM... phone is gone for the entire day.

And I will be going through her history later on today to find out just how extensive her naivety has been.  

She thought because it was 'someone' on Google Plus it was OK!   Like... just because someone's profile picture is of a teenage girl, does NOT mean it actually IS a teenage girl.  Grrrrr.  I'm really cross right now.

Sitting at vets
... Tallulah suddenly got very sick. Looks like milk fever... shes depleted of calcium. So shes hooked up to an IV getting calcium pumped into her. Scary!  I dont know how the open home went yet.

Tallulah is home.  She is on calcium supplements for the time being.  I'm supposed to bottle feed the pups, but they have so far refused to nurse from a bottle.  *sigh*

I will try again in a few hours, when they are likely to be very hungry!

The Open home went well, only 3 viewers, one being THE LADY IN RED,  her 8th visit!!
The other two groups were one of the people who came through on Wednesday afternoon, they are fairly keen by the sound of it.  So were the other group.

So.  AGAIN.  We. Wait.

Steve, Bex and the boys are here for dinner, Stew's cooking.  Pork chops and sausages on the BBQ.

Dinner was lovely, Stew did a good job. It was delightful to see the little boys, we only see them about once a week now... I miss them.

End of Day:  a busy day of course ... but at least now we get a 3 week break from Open Homes.
nite nite


  1. Hopefully Brylee will learn her lesson, it is so hard to keep checking on them.

  2. Good luck for today's Open Home. Scary stuff when personal information is being given out to a stranger - good consequences on your part though in removing the phone.

  3. That little Archer is a doll. Open house -whew ! I do not envy you - Lots of work and worry. Phones - blessings and curses- kinda like kids - OOOOOPPPPS - I am tired you can over-look that one ! lol
    It is cold here -freezing - I bet it is WARM where you are -I'm so Jealous! Let us know how open house went after you went to all that trouble.

  4. How sweet is lil Archer…

    Hope Tallulah is going to be okay.

  5. Oh no, poor Tallulah, I hope she feels much better soon.

  6. Anonymous8:04 PM

    How long do you have to hand feed the pups? sounds like a big and tiring job ! Hope Tallulah will be ok soon.


    1. for 24 hours, only they are point blank refusing the formula and bottle, so I had to put them back on Tallulah. I am taking her back to the Vet tomorrow, so will talk to them about it then. She really needs a break from feeding them to help her recover.

  7. Oh dear brylee.. hopefully she learns from her silliness... And poor Lula... your doing such a great job mum.

  8. Archer is so cute, Brylee well it is an ever present danger and internet is a big scary place..not to mention phones could be a long summer. Hope Tallulah perks up.


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