Thursday, December 17, 2015


Today I'm going to take it easy.
After such a hectic day yesterday, I need it.

I'm hoping my two little houses are dry enough to put the glazes on, so they can go into the last class firing tonight.

When I go to class tonight I expect to find two more of my houses fired, and it will be interesting to see how they came out with MY glazes on them.  I hope they are good.

I'm going over to Botany today to get some more clay.  I am going to start making my totem pole sculpture now that I've got the houses done.


ABOVE:  Just look at how fast they are growing!

Not to be left out:

ABOVE:  Tallulah in the puppy basket.  She likes climbing in it.  I think it's because it smells like her puppies.

Right, that's all for now, catch ya later...


1.08 pm:  Been busy-ish this morning.  Went over to Botany and picked up the 2nd piece of furniture I ordered.  

ABOVE:  The little 'coffee table'.......

ABOVE:  And the 'Butlers Trolley'.
Once I get my Blue LED tree up for Christmas I'm going to park it under the tree and put the Christmas presents on it.

I've done ALL  the Christmas gift wrapping!  Yaaaa.  Massive load off my mind.

Now I can start glazing my little houses.

Pottery tonight:  I had two houses in the kiln.  And the kiln had a mis-firing, one of the elements died.  So all the pots in the kiln did not reach temperature.  So they have to be re-fired. My houses look like they are a DISASTER.  I'm thinking one of my glazes was 'wrong' somehow.  So, they will probably be going straight into the bin.

I glazed the two little outhouses using one different glaze and fingers crossed they come out better.

But we might not get them back from the firing till next year.  *sigh*
That means no one in the family will be getting a little house for Christmas.  I'm gutted.

End of Day: well another fairly busy day... with a bit of a shitty end.
At least the 'right' person won The X Factor!
nite nite


  1. Lovely photos yesterday - especially the little ones all watching Dante open his present...even the dog and Archer watching. Very cute. I think the reason Talullah likes getting in that basket is because the puppies leave her alone for a minute!! Imagine that lot feeding on you.. hehe.. I'd jump in the basket too :)

  2. I had to wrap all the presents today too. Takes sooooo long however i didn't have to work today so i managed too get a sleep in till 7am woohoo.

  3. christine5:45 PM

    Can't wait to see the ceramic houses. They are really fun!

  4. Wrapping is Christmas Eve - which was fine when the kids were little and went to bed at 7pm, as they got older it got later but still a tradition.

    1. Gawd bugger that! Imagine wrapping presents for SIX kids! It took me hours upon hours!

  5. Hi Chris... make sure Bex knows that the sand needs to be supervised around babies & animals......

  6. Hi Chris... make sure Bex knows that the sand needs to be supervised around babies & animals......

  7. Can you find someone local to rent you a bit of kiln space?

  8. bundles of puppy fluff cute as, my they are certainly growing. Bugger about the pottery hopefully as someone said omy find a kin somewhere? close.

  9. I'm guessing she likes the basket for a break from the pups! Bummer on your little houses not getting done :(


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