Monday, December 28, 2015


I'm cutting out all sugar.  
It's a start towards making 2016 a much better year for me and Stew health-wise.

I know masses of processed shit has sugar in it, but I'm not going to try and cut that out.

Just the friggin cakes, lollies, chocolates, ice creams, and all that sort of stuff.  I know I can do it.

Because it's actually making me ill.  I'm a diabetic!  I'm nuts eating that shit.  

I've been indulging my moods with sugar... forgetting that it makes me feel ill, then wondering why I feel ill!    I'm a dumb tart sometimes.  Grrrrr.

Stew is going to do it too.  I don't think he's that thrilled about cutting out Christmas cake... but too bad.  

He has to be on board ... cos he's a bloody diabetic too!

Together we can help each other.

MINI is not Mini anymore.  She's gone over 1kg!  When she lies down she looks so FAT!  Like a little brown sausage.  She's so freakin' cute.

I weighed Coco and Tallulah last night.  Tallulah has gained .35 grams since last week.  I'm thrilled with that.  More on Coco below.

Lacy and Keera are due back this afternoon.  So I better get her room tidy!  It's been used by visitors the past couple of nights.  

Griffin's friend JJ stayed over last night.  That boy so suits his nickname of Jabber Jaws (JJ)!  His actual name is Joshua.  *smiles*
He's a lovely kid.

I've made a hair appointment for tomorrow... yaaaa!  Sick of the re-growth!  Something to look forward to.

Stew can stay home and babysit the kids/puppies.  hee hee.

AS for today?  Not got any plans.  A 'quiet' day would be nice.... I keep saying I'm having one, but it never happens.

Funny that.


Ever since Tallulah got pregnant, I've been feeding her puppy food... as she needed and still needs the extra calories.

And no matter what I do, Coco always manages to sneak in and eat it too.

Last time she was at the Vet's, about 2 weeks ago, the vet told me she had to lose weight.  She weighed about 6.5 kilos then. NOW she weighs 7.85 kilos!!! 

So,  I've been TRYING MY HARDEST to stop her eating Tallulah's food.  I've locked her out of the garage, I've locked her outside, I've locked her in a different area of the house, but no matter what I do, she gets out.  

She is a Houdini dog.  And with so many people in the house, they have inadvertently let her out too.

This morning I put down a HUGE bowl of puppy food for Tallulah, and locked Coco outside.  She managed to get out of a fully fenced area, run around the other side of the house, jump down a high bank and get into the garage with no one noticing... and she ate ALL of the food.

Tallulah had not eaten any.   I was SO ANGRY.

I have to stop her eating all the food!  So I drove down to Bunnings and got this:

ABOVE:  a chain.  She's tied to the big BBQ table, so she can come inside as far as that, and get outside for bathroom... and that's it.

She gets fed morning and night with 'regular' food, on a restricted diet until she weighs 5 kg.  End of story.  She has to lose 2.85 kilos!  That is a huge amount for a 'small' dog.


While I was at Bunnings I got more succulents for my planter wall by the Archgola.

ABOVE: The kids had waffles for breakfast again.  They are very popular.  Steve and Bex had them at their home too.  *smiles*

They are coming for dinner tonight.

12.11 pm: ...

ABOVE:  Brylee and I just spent a good hour potting succulents into the 'planter wall'.  Looks great, and here's hoping they don't die like every other damn plant I've put there!

Stew is mowing the lawns, in the midday sun.  Derrrr.

Griffin and Joshua have gone fishing with Joshua's Mum and Dad.  JJ's little sister has the chicken pox, so she had to stay home with her grandparents.  Luckily everyone here has had them. 

Soon I shall be bathing the two big dogs, and maybe later on giving the puppies a quick dip too.  They are smelly little buggers.  *smiles*

2.15 pm:  And I've bathed all the puppies!  AND they have had their first venture out on the lawn.  They didn't think much of the bath, or the lawn.  lol

I am uploading a video to show you of them out on the lawn.  I've also got photos of each puppy after their bath, but I will keep them for tomorrow as today's post is getting a bit long!

ABOVE:  Play time on the grass, first time EVER.

ABOVE: He came to visit us Granddad, but was feeling a bit off with a temperature, and fell asleep.
He's feeling a bit better now though, so all good.

Lacy and Keera arrived back, and Lacy is staying the night.  Keera goes back to Daycare tomorrow, so back to our normal routine.

End of Day:  so much for the kids taking Coco for a walk, Stew has.  Kids were too engrossed in something on the TV. 
Having a quiet evening I hope.  Today has been freakin' busy as.
nite nite


  1. Much love to you, Chris. I have gained 7 pounds over the holidays and you and I can be diet buddies. Can I join your secret group? I don't lose quickly w/ the hypothyroidism and all, but I'm usually a steady person. :)

  2. You know I cut out sugar over four years ago - it can be done, I was a huge sugar eater. After awhile (after stopping) it will taste insanely sweet! Good luck, it's one of the best things you can do for your health.

  3. Anonymous11:36 AM

    Yes you are a dumb tart. Glad you figured that one out for yourself! Good day chick ��
    Dina kimono, Uk

  4. Anonymous12:18 PM

    Hi I had to laugh when I saw Coco on the chain, maybe it is a good idea for us as well..LOL...



    1. I felt I had no other choice! I hate the idea of 'chainging' up my dog! But it's for her own bloody good. She's too damn good at escaping... one track mind that dog! FOOD!

    2. I wouldn't mind a chain for me... as long as it was drippng in diamonds!

  5. We are going sugar free too.
    We are going to use the app from 'the sugar film' helps work out how much sugar you are really consuming and helps cut it down slowly

  6. Haha, that will teach Coco to try & get the better of you. Shame you are not allowed to do that with kids eh :-)

  7. The succulents look outstanding.

  8. O, the succulents are Beautiful!!!!!!!! I want one of those walls!! ~smile~

  9. Get the kids out walking Coco!

    1. That is EXACTLY what I told them they were gunna be doing!!!

  10. Love your succulent wall. Looks beautiful !!!!

  11. Maybe you and Coco could walk early mornings in the cool, yes a chain for all would be good especially down my way over last 3 days relaxing eating and sleeping takes its toll back to work tomorrow though so will be able to walk off most until new years break (sweat it out more like it IS HOT down here).

  12. Anonymous3:32 PM

    Yes !! diamonds !!




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