Wednesday, December 02, 2015


Well... today Keera is attending our local daycare centre for the first time.
She's keen as mustard to go too.

I plan on her being there all day.  I COULD take her at 7 am and pick her up at 6 pm but I feel that is just too long!  Fine if I had to go to work, but I don't.  So, I will take her around 9 am and pick her up mid afternoon I think.

I hope she enjoys herself, I really do.

Lacy is going to come with us this morning to see the Centre, and we will both stay with Keera for a little while and settle her in.
Fingers crossed she doesn't get upset when we leave.

I'm not sure when Lacy is leaving, but sometime today.

I am going to get back to my sewing today, I haven't finished the little fabric box yet!

Tallulah is still in one piece... but it won't be long now!  She's  HUGE.  And cranky.  Like, MEGA CRANKY. lol
Poor girl.

She doesn't like Lacy, every time Lacy goes near her she growls at her.  And she's being really mean to Coco too, nipping her every chance she gets.  Hormonal bitch!  The sooner she spits those pups out the better.

ABOVE:  At least she still likes us!  Last night, snuggled into Dad's chin.  Awwww.

Right, I'm off to get ready to take Miss Muppet to Daycare.


CHRISTY:  yes... we were VERY lucky to get Keera in immediately!  Two children had just moved up to the 'bigger kids' area, so they had a vacancy and we got her in.  

I've just been out for hopefully the last time before the pups arrived to get a sunhat and shorts for Keera for Daycare.
Lacy came with me.

Tallulah is not feeling well today, had a vomit and is clearly feeling off.  I'd say delivery isn't far away now... it's normal for a dog to feel like this a couple of days before delivery, so I'm not worried.  Just excited!

4.15 pm:   Well... I picked Keera up at 3.45 pm and found her to be totally happy and settled already!  The teachers all said she had been perfectly happy all day, except when they tried to make her take a nap with all the other littlies, she didn't want to at all.
Maybe she will tomorrow?

When I got her home she said "I'm hungry", so I gave her a jam sandwich and she wanted another one... so I'm guessing she didn't eat much at Daycare either. Oh well, it's early days.

She's now on the couch fighting off falling asleep.  *sigh*

Tallulah has settled down this afternoon, no more vomiting thank goodness.

Lacy is safely back in Tauranga, and has found a place to live for HERSELF for now.  Flatting with an older woman.  This will suffice until she can get back into a state house with Keera.


Ha ha!  I was just working on tomorrow's post (I often make a start on it the day before) and hit 'Publish') so if you see it pop up.... just know it's for tomorrow!  Derrr,  I don't often make that mistake.

OH!  I forgot to mention before... a good blogger friend called in during her lunch hour and dropped off newspapers for the puppies today!  THANK YOU so much Tracy!  You are a lovely Chick.  Thanks for the chat too, always nice to have a natter with a girlfriend *smiles*

End of Day: well I'm off to bed... on the couch in the lounge.
Cos.... I want to be near Tallulah, just in case she goes into labour overnight.
She's showing lots of signs of being almost ready.  I may be a day or two early, but better to be prepared.
nite nite


  1. that photo with Stew is beyond adorable!!!!... PS: the waiting list for day care around here is years long!!! Unheard of to start that very week xxxxx

  2. Oh dear ..... Tallulah looks so over being pregnant there in that photo! (Cute pic though!). I hope you are having a good day :)

  3. awww tuckered out puppy mother and tuckered out toddler score!!! gee that is a long day at daycare but lucky you can get her when you like.

  4. You are most welcome. I loved catching up, we must do it again :-)

  5. Glad to see Keera is in your safekeeping for now and she has a safe place to go each day so you can catch up and stay sane.


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