Friday, January 01, 2016


Good things about 2015:

- Archer was born, pure happiness.
- Stew retained a job, huge relief.
- Steve and Bex got their own home, huge silence in the house.
- Tallulah had puppies, they are gorgeous.

Not so good things about 2015:

- House on the market, too long!
- House not sold, dammit.
- Still fat... never ending story.

So... let's hope this new year is going to be a complete turn around in so many ways.

Let's sell this friggin house.  Move to Hamilton.  Fall in love with a new home.
Get healthy.  Get happy. 

It IS possible.  I can make it possible... well the healthy part, not the house part.

That is up to the gods, and the right person wanting to buy my house, who HAS THE MONEY.  *sigh*

But shish....let's not be negative on the first day of 2016!  Let's have an awesome day.

Wherever you are, I hope you have a fantastic day.

We will be here, babysitting 6 adorable little fluff balls, keeping company with 2 bitches (lol... Tallulah and Coco!), 2 teenagers and a 3 year old Miss Muppet.  Sounds interesting eh?



1.48 pm:  and a lovely day so far.
I got to sleep in!  Well... I got up and fed the dogs, checked on the puppies etc, then went back to bed till 10 am!!!
It was awesome.  Stew looked after Keera while I snoozed.  Lovely man.

Then Amanda, Andrew and family popped in on their way up north on a camping trip.

ABOVE:  Amanda's dog 'Lady' got locked outside with Coco... when she was allowed inside, she piddled on the floor.  Typical.  The grass was wet, I totally UNDERSTAND!  lol
Our dogs do the same thing sometimes.

ABOVE:  two little cuties. 

ABOVE:  Boys....watching Griffin on his PS 4.

SOMEHOW I managed to NOT get a photo of little Liam!   Maybe I will when they come back next time. 

We went to the mall for lunch, no big New Year's Day dinner for us!  Everyone is off doing their own thing nowdays.

A quiet afternoon predicted.  It's pissing down with rain, I feel sorry for everyone camping!  We are expecting quite a storm tonight.

9.40 pm:  And I've just weighed all the puppies.  I did Mini first.  I put her on the shallow tray on top of the scales. She kept really still for me... what a good girl!  Then I took her off and knocked the tray... and it tipped all over me... the little bugger had filled it with puppy piddle.  I. WORE. IT.

Thanks Mini, now I know WHY you were so still!  Oh well... what a way to end the first day of 2016... covered in puppy piddle!  lol

Off to bed shortly.  I've got to get up reasonably early tomorrow to get to the hairdressers by 9 am.

End of Day:  A lovely day ... was nice to see some family.  
nite nite


  1. And happy birthday to Gordy.

  2. Happy New Year Chris and Family. I hope that 2016 is everything you want it to be :)

  3. Happy New Year to you Chris and to your family.....hope that special buyer comes along soon and yiu have a safe move to Hamilton.

  4. Anonymous11:04 AM

    Nice one with the last pic *plain face

  5. Happy New Year Chris and family! Hope like you do that 2016 is going to be a good one, where all of the last few pieces fall into place for you. You have a lot of good stuff happening (Stew's work, grandkids, puppies etc) in amongst the tricky stuff - let's hope it outnumbers the tricky and the tricky disappears off the radar. Much love to you all and hope to maybe even see you in person in 2016 - we need to come to Auckland to do some visiting, after the baby is born. Love Penny and David xo

  6. Those positives are definately bigger & better than the negatives :-). House will sell soon I am sure.

  7. Such a good outlook and mantra for coming year. OMGOSH those girls smiles are infectious, I didn't get a lay in got rung at 3am MUM please come get us and so I did back home around 5am!

  8. Great photo of the girls

  9. What precious pictures , Chris-both of two legged and four legged babies! Happy New Year - hope it is the Best one yet. Hugs from far away.

  10. Happy new year. Hope all your wishes come true x

  11. Thanks for keeping us entertained for another 12 months! Happy New Year to you and your expanding family (including the fur ones)!


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