Wednesday, July 01, 2015


I've got the paint out.  It's wall painting time, and sheesh, just realised I need paint for Brylee's 'feature' wall... it's a deep plum colour.

I shall have to paint it in a similar colour, or I'll have to put on numerous coats to cover it.  That means a run down to Bunnings first thing.

I'm thrilled at how quickly I'm getting the inside of the house ready.  

At the end of the week the kids start school holidays (2 weeks off), which works out great.  They will come in handy to help me with cleaning, de-cluttering and so on.
I'm sure they will be less than amused having to do that during their school holidays, but I'm sure we will make it up to them somehow.  *smiles*

Right, enough yakkity yak, I am outta here.  Stuff to do!


YES I'm going to Weight Watchers this morning, where I expect to have a SMALL GAIN.
Yep, while I've been super busy and active, I've also been making dreadful food decisions.
Mostly cos I am just eating what's thrown at me, or what's quick and easy.
So... I have to work on that ... 

GAINED:  .300 grams.  Not too bad.  Will have to try and plan my meals better and not go for the easy option because I'm too tired.

Was not to unhappy about that gain though, cos overall it IS coming off.

Thanks for that tip Cranky, will check it out.

Seriously wondering how much longer I can do this.  I'm so tired I feel like crying, everything aches.  And the kids come home from school and I ask them to help and you'd think I'd chopped their bloody arms off, or worse, smashed the X Box.  *sigh*

I'm trying to pace myself, but I'm still struggling to get much done before I have to sit down for a rest.

What upsets me the most about all this is that the physical exhaustion is all my own fault.  If I wasn't so damn fat and out of shape I'd be coping so much better.

BLOG READING:   Seriously doubt I will get ANY done for weeks now.  Sorry if that upsets you, but I just don't have the time.  Thank you if you continue to read mine.

ABOVE:  One HUGE job kinda done.  The kids got everything down from the attic in the garage.  Now my job is to sort it all out!  Already done about a third ... and my car is full to the roof with stuff for the Hospice Shop!

HA HA! I forgot 'End of Day'.  That doesn't happen too often.
nite nite!


  1. Anonymous7:28 AM

    Wondered if you were going to weigh in today? The weight must be fairly DRIPPING off ya! Wish you were de-cluttering and painting at my house.... maybe we need to move! Keep up the good work.

    That's what you need for B's wall! Will block that colour nicely

  3. Good Luck with weigh in. You might find the kids will enjoy helping, better than being bored, you can always pay them so they are earning a bit of $$ as well.

  4. Ease up on your self Chris. Do the walls really need painting or can you just wash them ?

  5. Yep look after yourself. The last thing you need is to get sick. Your house is immaculate whenever I have been out so don't bust your foo-foo valve! !!

  6. The kids can complain all they like but until they have done their allocated jobs - no playstation, Xbox etc. The more they complain the more stuff I would give them to do - in separate areas of the house.

  7. Have a day off the cleaning, painting, tidying to get your energy back. You do not need to get sick so be nice to yourself. Will keep reading your blog as I know lots more will.

  8. I am up in Auckland all day Friday I can help you and natter at the same time really I don't mind, I need the company!! Its a long long story.... And I need to keep busy very busy....

    1. I'm going to be out in the morning, home around 12 if you want to pop in?

  9. Ehhh, a few grams is really just the difference in a glass of water. NOT a problem you can't overcome in a day. I'm so excited for you! :)

  10. Penny7:41 PM

    Hey Chris, one suggestion if it helps. Habitat for Humanity take donations of all sorts of stuff. I know you are happy donating to the hospice shop, but they actually come and collect stuff, which might save you some running around time and it still goes to a good charity. Good luck with everything, and well done on the minimal gain. Penny xo

  11. LOL - hope your Hospice shop donations don't end up back in Hamilton as you may buy them back again!

    1. NOooooooo!!!!!! I am not buying a bloody thing back, I'm DE-CLUTTERING IN A BIG WAY.

    2. Anonymous8:58 PM

      haha dont go looking to hard in the shop U might see stuff U gave me, lol im de cluttering as well :)
      xxx bex

  12. Wow your pics bring back (not so distance) memories of our house moves. We had to downsize from a 3 bed house to a 2 bed city flat. It feels quite good now though, nice not to be so cluttered with stuff we weren't using!

  13. Don't kill yourself, pet. I bet Stewart doesn't expect you do to everything by yourself. Pace yourself and do a bit each day. Wait till there's more people around to do the big stuff. Including painting. It'll all get done in the end. It's not a one-woman show :) xx

  14. Anonymous9:30 PM


    We moved after 23 years about 4 1/2 years ago, we had soooo much was so good to get rid of it. I used to go to op shops too. Now I have a lovely uncluttered house. The garage has a few things I still need to go through and a couple of things in the cupboards. Now that your move has reminded me I might clean up a bit more !!


  15. Man you are kicking ass! This is a great way to get rid of all that extra stuff you have been storing and moving around from one storage place to another. WTG!

  16. I dread the day when I have to move. Take care.


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