Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Yesterday our home went on the market officially.
If you want to have a look, go to :

It was exciting to see it ... and I'm very happy with all the photos they used too.

Our first Open Home is this Sunday, from 2 -2.45 pm.  Gawd... it's so exciting, but makes me nervous too.

It took so long for our last home to sell, I'm scared that will happen again.

But, we will just have to wait and see.  Everyone assures us it won't take that long, but I just don't want to get my hopes up.  I've been let down before.

Today Stew will get home from Hamilton, he's popping in here on his way back before heading into work.  I've missed him.  He had to attend a funeral yesterday afternoon, otherwise  he would have been home last night.

Griffin is off to a friend's home for the day, maybe even a sleep over too.  A day off his incessant yakking will be AMAZING.  That boy can talk till WE are blue in the face!  lol

I feel a bit sorry for the kids, it hasn't been much of a 'school holiday' for them really.  But, we've tried to give them some nice times in between all the work and trips to Hamilton.

They actually seem to enjoy looking at houses, which is nice.  They have to like whatever house we buy, it's gunna be their new home too.

We will be going back to Hamilton on Saturday to look at more too.

Today I've got a bit of 'regular' housework to do, then I might just try catching up on some friend's blogs!   It's been WEEKS since I read another blog!  Time... time... not enough of it!

Right, off to get some washing on...


Mid morning, there's a bang on the front door, then this little voice booms out "Grandma!  Open the door!" 
Awww it was so cute.  So, I spent quite some time clucking over the boys, getting lots of cuddles from Dante.  He misses us.
Stew called in on his way to work and so got to see the boys too, which was lovely.

I forgot to take photos!  Oh well, they will visit again I'm sure. *smiles*

I made everyone pancakes for lunch, nice and warm and filling.  Just what you need on a freezing winters day. 

After lunch Bex and the boys went home and I took Griffin to his friend Joshua's home for a sleep over.

So now it should be a nice, quiet afternoon.
I've not got around to blog reading, I just don't have any energy or inclination right now.  Still bone tired.

It didn't help that I thought Stew would be home FIRST THING this morning, so I woke at 6 and sat around waiting for him to arrive.  And of course, he didn't get here till around 11 am.  *sigh*

Never mind, it meant I was up in time to get the rubbish bins out.

Bex just sent me some photos of Archer in a little cardigan she crocheted:

ABOVE:  I couldn't decide which one to use... so ya get a few.  *smiles*
Isn't he just adorable!

Lovely to have my Stewie home again.  Geez I hope this commuting doesn't last too long.

End of Day:  a quiet day, freezing cold and torrential rain!  I hope it stops before our Open Home on Sunday.
nite nite


  1. Anonymous7:32 AM

    And ur grandsons are coming to visit :) well be over round 10ish
    xx bex and dante

  2. Add looks great mum.

  3. Looking great Chris. I was looking online last night for a new bedroom lamp and saw this one and automatically thought you you and your nautical collections ...

    1. OMG it is gorgeous! Hmmmm ... I wonder if I can find a place for one???

  4. Anonymous12:52 PM

    Good luck with the sale Chris. You have been worse hard. Enjoy a rest. Lisa

  5. Anonymous12:53 PM

    Opps worked hard I mean ��

  6. the pictures look fantastic. good luck with the sale xxxxx

  7. Archer is a cutie, as is Dante - they are so alike looking yet slightly different. They will be great mates as Archer grows up.

  8. How cute is Archer. Love his little cardigan.

  9. Wow Archer is growing so fast. He is so cute and I love the clothes Bex makes. She's very clever.

  10. Love the Jersey and Archer is super cute :)

  11. Bex is so clever with the crochet. I'm sitting here trying to crochet a ponch unpicked it 3 x already so it's away for another night lol

  12. Dante is too cute, they will miss you heaps Archer is adorable looks great in BLUE!! Rubbish weather here RAIN RAIN RAIN..

  13. Anonymous9:51 PM

    Archer is sooo cute !!!!



  14. Your home is so clean! And much larger than I realised from your photos on your blog. Hope you sell it fast.

  15. Good luck selling your house! Hope you find a new, better one!

  16. Good luck with the home sale. This baby is yummy!!!

  17. Good luck with the open house.

  18. I'm so behind on my blogging. I need to buy myself a lap top.

  19. Bex should make those little jackets and sell them on eBay. She's very good!

  20. House is looking good and Archer is adorable :-)

  21. House is looking good and Archer is adorable :-)

  22. House is looking good and Archer is adorable :-)


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