Tuesday, July 28, 2015


This morning I'm going to the mall to wander, immerse myself in company and hopefully, find something to buy.

Cos, it might help with my mood.  Cos I'm in a seriously foul mood.

Hopefully this morning our Estate Agent will make contact with our 2nd 'back up' buyers, and it will be 'all go' again.
I shall try very hard to NOT get excited all over again, that's for sure.  We won't know if it goes ahead until NEXT MONDAY, 5 friggin pm.

This time, I'm making sure it's not ME who gets the phone calls during the day from the Real Estate Agents/Solicitors.  I just can't take it again.

Stew can let me know the outcome, when it happens.  Next Monday, I'm going to make sure I'm super busy/occupied/distracted by SOMETHING amazing, so I'm not stressing out all day like I was yesterday.

So, that's the plan.  
Now, I'm going to get the housework done and go out and about.  I need to be home around lunchtime in case Bex and the boys drop in after Playcenter.  It's their last day at their current Playcenter and they are having a 'leaving' morning tea there.  I hope it is nice.


12.05 pm:  and I'm home again.
I went to Playcenter instead of waiting for Bex to visit on her way home, that way Dante wasn't asleep in the car when she got here.
It was lovely to see them, Archer was being held by another lady, and he was starting to cry, but when he saw me he smiled.  Awwww... that was just so lovely.

Dante did his usual "Grandma!  you here!"  He's so cute.

I stayed for about an hour then went down to the mall.

Where I took full advantage of the Winter Sales.
In K+K they were having a 'Buy 2 Sale Items, get a 3rd FREE'.  So, I did just that.

ABOVE: I got the blue jacket, Black Jacket and Black and Grey striped top from K+K, and the other three items from Emma Rose.

So... if I'd paid FULL PRICE for the 3 K+K items I would have paid $419.70.   I paid $133.91 !  How can you pass up a sale as good as that?

The three items from Emma Rose were all on sale too... But not as much as the stuff from K+K.

See the black/white/reddish colour coat?  It's funky, I quite like it.  Not a colour (reddish) I'd usually buy, but it just appealed.  And it's lovely on, warm and cosy.

I think I did pretty well!  And I feel a bit happy about having more nice clothes to wear, instead of rotating the 3 tops I already have for winter.

I'm going to Weight Watchers tomorrow morning.  I am going to have a loss.  Not a HUGE loss, but a loss.  THAT makes me happy too.  All the hard work in the house has paid off in ONE WAY at least.  *smiles*

ABOVE: Dante didn't want morning tea at Playcenter... UNTIL his Mummy was given two cupcakes.  Then... he ate all the chocolate icing off one, and half ate the other one!  Little shit.  But... a cute little shit.

Tracy the K+K sale lasts until tomorrow. 

After having lunch, I was still feeling bla, so went back to the mall and got these:

ABOVE:  A full set of Acrylic nails and gel polish.  Looks pretty, and should last a while.  It's been  LONG TIME since I got false nails. I went for a very natural shape and length, I don't like very long nails, I can't type with them.

And that sure would bugger up blogging! 

End of Day:  well Stew got home from Hamilton safe and sound tonight.  I had missed him, going through that long wait yesterday, on my own... was awful.  Hopefully next time we will be together.
nite nite


  1. Anonymous12:52 PM

    He's very lucky I found more muffins in the kitchen. Now hes refusing to have a nap and he woke up his brother little shit.
    was a lovely suprise U coming to playcentre dante loved it and of course archer and I :)
    Bex xxxx

  2. How long is the K&K sale on for? I really like that jacket too.

  3. Love the nails mum.

  4. How utterly lovely Archer cheered up when you came Dante so loves you and would melt anyone's heart eh! I love those black tops and the coat WISH I WAS up there... Nice blue nails too.

  5. Anonymous9:30 PM

    love rhe nails and your new clothes great bargin Chris

  6. Anonymous10:41 PM

    The false blue nails are quite disgusting really.Bad choice!
    Sue Parker, Croydon, Surrey

  7. Looks like a fun day of retail therapy :) Love that the baby smiled when he saw you!


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