Friday, July 03, 2015


Today I'm popping out to Ardmore to visit the ladies at Patchwork class... and give one of the ladies all of my Husqvarna bobbins.   I didn't give them to the shop when I traded in Lemony for McDreamy, and one of the ladies at class has a Husqvarna.... so she can have them.

It will be nice to not spend the first few hours today cleaning!

When I get home I shall be sanding all the areas I put polyfilla in yesterday, and painting walls.  

I'm also expecting a visitor (Sharon) from Taupo I think.  

Today is Stew's last day working full time here in Auckland.
As of next week, he will be working Monday and Tuesday in Hamilton, and the remaining days in Auckland.  This will continue until 'they' can train someone to take over his job here.  Goodness knows how long that will take.

I just hope it doesn't mean he will be commuting from Hamilton once we move down there!

That would suck.

So, that's me for now... catch ya later.


I decided my new curtains needed tie backs, so went out with that in mind yesterday.
But instead of buying traditional tie backs, I decided to get two necklaces (cheap as) and use them like this:

ABOVE:  total cost.... $16.  Not bad!  I hung a pair of earrings off the necklaces too... cos it needed something blue eh?  *smiles*
Imagine the fun I could have changing the earrings every now and then!   I might just have to do this in my new home too.

Once we have a new home that is... gotta sell this one first.....

Well I've been out to Patchwork class and spent some time with the ladies, which was nice.
Then home to prepare more walls for painting.

OMG!   Someone has some major explaining to do!
And YEP... you are in BIG trouble.

ABOVE:  Who the hell does this to a wall???   I mean, in that red 'box' area someone lay on her bed and literally pushed a push pin into the wall DOZENS of times, over and over again... all over the freakin place!
I am LIVID....   As for the rest of the wall... masses of holes where posters have been pinned up, or STUCK up with blu tack, which pulled off the wallpaper too.

I'm beyond angry right now.  And I will NOT be the one sanding all that off ready for painting.
She can.    


ABOVE:  OMG, this shit actually works!  Amazing.

Tears and tantrums.... it would appear we have a FUCKING GHOST who lives in this house and pokes holes (dozens of holes) in the bedroom walls.  Yeah RIGHT.

As Griffin has been in that room too ... now that I remember.... it could have been either of them.
So... no one gets pocket money this week.  So there.

Dinner tonight is pork belly and veges.

I have finished painting walls in three of the bedrooms, the entire hallway and the stair walls and edges.  I'm once again exhausted.

Tomorrow it will be the laundry and family bathroom, and Brylee's bedroom.  I'm getting there!

The professional photographer comes on Monday the 13th.  I should have everything done by then.  NO... I will have everything done by then.

THANK YOU Sharon for visiting today and forcing to take a two hour break.  It was wonderful to see you again.  Next time, maybe it will be in Hamilton! 

End of Day:  I can't believe how much I got done today!  Just spent a good 2 hours in the kitchen, taking out stuff we don't need every day and boxing it up.  There is going to be so much LESS to pack when we actually do move!
Time to get off to bed, it's now 1.15 am... YIKES.
nite nite


  1. Anonymous8:33 AM

    Oh yum fresh bread if U have to much bread I would hate it going to waste. Haha dante would love it and mummy :)
    Xx bex

  2. Have you been watching the New World adds with the bread realestate lady??? lol. The house is looking amazing.

  3. Oh well it is school holidays so at least she won't be bored :-)

  4. Glad that 30 seconds stuff works. I use C Thru water spot remover but will try the 30 seconds one if it's that good!! Good luck with that wall... holy heck!!

  5. Those ghosts live in my house, they are called "it wasn't me" and "I didn't do it". Siobhan used to blame the cat - for stealing chocolate from the fridge!!!

  6. I bought some of that 30 second stuff for a friend so impressed with the result!! I love visiting you its like ALADDINS CAVE ohhhh the treasures!! And the colours, always uplifting.try not to over do it pace yourself.…. I feel more trips to Hamilton for sure..

  7. OHH I have the same ghost!!

    Maybe Stew can stay with Bex and Steve while he's training if it's close by. After all, you had them for quite some time, only fair. :)

  8. My daugter's room is ocean themed and we used old puka shell necklaces to tie back the curtains. :) Fun.

  9. My daugter's room is ocean themed and we used old puka shell necklaces to tie back the curtains. :) Fun.

  10. My kids have all left home....but apparently the ghost hasn'


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