Thursday, July 23, 2015


OH... and Bex of course.  *smiles*

After yesterday, I expect today to be quiet and peaceful.  I didn't sleep that well last night, to be expected though.

I won't rest easy until Monday night, when, all going well... our sale will go unconditional.

Then, and only then I shall whip out a bottle of bubbly and CELEBRATE!

We have decided to have a 2nd Open Home on Sunday.  We are not counting our chickens until it is a sure thing, so having another Open Home is a given. 

So... more of the same till Monday night!

I decided to go out today just to try and get some distraction.  And Dante is certainly that!
I might even take him to the mall for an outing.  Bex has a cold apparently, so could do with a break from him I'm sure.

So, that's me for now.
Catch ya later.


Well I've had a lovely morning visiting with Bex and the boys.  I took Dante to the mall... he screamed the entire way as his Mummy didn't come too!  We bought some lunch and went back to his Mummy's house and had it there.

Next time he might be better... now that he realises that we are going to go back to his Mummy!

I've not taken him out on his own much before, hence the hissy fit.

Now that I'm home, I'm just relaxing... letting the past few days excitement settle down.  I'm still buzzing about last night!

I've had an excellent afternoon.  Checking out houses online, making lists, tee'ing up our Estate Agent down in Hamilton for this Saturday and just generally being lazy.

My right arm is starting to feel a bit better, thank goodness.  I was scared it would ache for months.  Now it only aches is I use it too much.

No more hours and hours of scrubbing for this Chick I can tell you!

Next big job will be packing more stuff once the house goes unconditional.  MONDAY, after 5pm... all going well.

I'm expecting it to be a quiet evening for us.  Stew is in Hamilton, he goes to Rotorua tomorrow, then home tomorrow night.
So, the kids and I are having a 'get your own' dinner.  Griffin is cooking himself bacon and eggs on toast... it's so neat that they can cook for themselves now. 

They are still doing fairly basic stuff, but it's a start.

Hopefully I will be able to sleep tonight.  I jump at every single little noise when Stew's not home!

I think I shall keep the dogs in the house and not the laundry tonight... they make excellent 'alarm' dogs, they bark at any dodgy noise during the night! *smiles*

LOL... I forgot 'End of Day'!
It got late, I went to bed, I didn't sleep well.  Tallulah kept running outside barking ALL NIGHT LONG.  I wanted to kill her.
I still might.

But not really.


  1. Congratulations on your offers!! All your hard work is paying off. And FAST!

  2. Anonymous11:13 AM

    Hi Chris - this is Bec from Australia. I have been in Auckland all week for work and am staying in Parnell, I have been flat out so knew I wouldn't be able to meet you due to work dinners and full work days (and you having so much on) but it is really exciting to see everything that you talk about. I am so happy for you to have sold the house so quickly, your country is just gorgeous and even though I am missing my family I have had a wonderful time and for my 1st overseas trip it has been great. Oh and the food here is incredible, how on earth am I going to go back to reality ha ha

    1. Hi Bec!!! How lovely that you are enjoying your visit to our country. Sorry we can't catch up... we are both rather busy lol.
      Enjoy the rest of your time here Chick and watch that food! It has a nasty habit of sneaking up on ya hips!

  3. That's an absolutely awesome result. So bloody different from your move from Palmy. That was real torture. Happy for you. Now you will be able to have some real bargaining power.

  4. Fingers crossed that everything falls into place for you - bring on Monday and an unconditional sale!!! Awesome news.

  5. Awwww poor Dante he will get used to it trips with Grandma treats even!! Lol glad the arm is easing off hope you settle soon, get to Hamilton and focus ON YOU!!

  6. Hoping your get everything settle quickly. Good luck.


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