Friday, July 24, 2015



 I've got a builder coming first thing this morning, with our Real Estate Agent.  He is doing an inspection for the purchasers.  OMG it's a nerve racking process.  You always worry yourself sick they will find something 'wrong' with your home!

Fingers crossed if he finds anything, it's minor and does not put the purchasers off our home.  I will be gutted if that happens.

MONDAY 5 pm is when we find out if they pull out of the sale or go UNCONDITIONAL.

It's lucky I don't chew my fingernails, cos if I did I'd have gnawed down to me knuckles by now!
3 more sleeps till we find out if it's a definite 'GO'.

In the meantime, we have another Open Home on Sunday... JUST IN CASE.

WEIGHT:   I've not been to Weight Watchers for 3 weeks now.  I've been eating like there's a famine coming!  And... I've gained 1 kilo.  I am very surprised by that, but am happy too.  All the extra 'exercise' must be holding off the gains.  I will go back to Weight Watchers next Wednesday, no excuses now.  I've got nothing to stop me now.  All the work is done!

Once the builder leaves, I am going out to my Patchwork class for a yak and catch up with the ladies.

Catch ya later...  


TOTALLY GUTTED.  The ONE house I utterly LOVED in Hamilton sold yesterday, and for $70,00 less than it's asking price too.  It was gorgeous and we were going to have a 2nd viewing of it on Saturday with a view to putting an offer on it.
I actually feel like crying.  

But. All along I've said if it sold before we could make an offer on it, it wasn't meant to be.  So... ONWARD.  There will be the perfect house out there just waiting for us to find it.  *sniff*

Tallulah is in trouble.
She kept running outside last night... ALL NIGHT LONG.  I could have killed her.
So, maybe they get put in the garage overnight?
It's worth thinking about.  I'm sure they can 'hold on' till the morning?  Hmmm.... I will try it I think.

The builder should be here in a few minutes.  NERVES are making my tummy do flip flops.
We won't even get told the result of the building report either, which makes it worse.

UPDATE:  The builder was a lovely chap.  Funnily enough he lived in the house opposite ours, when our house was being built!  He knew the house very well already.
Surprisingly, he talked to me about the house, and a couple of little things he found that will be in his report.
They were 'small' issues, but nothing major.  He feels our house is very sound and in good condition.  So, all going well Monday night will see us go UNCONDITIONAL here.

Now, instead of going to Patchwork, I'm going down to the mall to get a new mobile.  My existing one keeps dying.  The battery only lasts half a day, if that, from fully charged.

Time to update the phone.  I was going to in October anyway, what's a few months?  *smiles*

It will give me something to play with today.

UPDATE:  well I got a new phone and have been, as expected, playing with it ever since.  *smiles*
Cos I just know someone will ask what phone I got:  it's a Samsung S6, but not the 'Edge' one, I've not heard good things about that model.

ABOVE:  new phone.
I also got it a cute new pale blue cover.  
It's very pretty.  And totally cool ... much bigger screen, so much easier on me freakin eyes.  And the alphabet 'buttons' are bigger for texting too, that also makes life easier.

I remembered something from when the builder was here:  he was checking out the gas hob in the kitchen, and the front right burner would not ignite.  So he wrote it on his report.   While he was outside, Paul, the Estate Agent grabbed a dishcloth and gave it a rub... BOOM!  Bloody thing worked!  So, the builder bloke crossed that off!  Yaaaa.  *smiles*

I'm feeling so much more confident about Monday night after this morning's visit from the builder.  

10.42:  Stew got home safe and sound from Rotorua this evening, just in time for dinner.

Off to bed now, as we have to go look at houses again tomorrow.

End of Day:  a good day I think.  Hoping for a better night's sleep tonight.
nite nite


  1. I am sure the builders report will be fine. Bugger about the Hamilton house, I am sure there is one even better waiting for you :-).

  2. Good luck for Monday!! I am sure everything will be fine..shema about the Hamilton house, but I am sure something else will come along.

  3. Great builder been check, open home again check, back on track check, not long now....

  4. Great to hear the inspection went well. Sorry to hear your dream home sold. Not to worry I'm sure you will find something better. Have a good weekend.

  5. Love the new phone. I got a 6 plus Iphone a while back with a case similar to yours and I just love it. It's big enough to be a mini tablet, but small enough to be convenient to carry.

    Fingers crossed all goes well with your home and finding a new one.

  6. WOW it is really happening. I sure hope you find the perfect place quickly. So much up in the air!!


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