Sunday, July 12, 2015


Today is our last chance to get the house and yard all ship-shape before the photographer arrives tomorrow to take the photos for our marketing campaign.

Stew has the most to do today, cleaning the outside of the house and the windows, waterblasting the concrete etc.

I shall tidy the inside of the garage, now that most of the stuff we wanted out of the house is gone.  I am sure I can make it look all neat and tidy, and roomy.

At some point Steve is coming over too.  Not sure if Bex and the boys are coming too?
I'm sure I shall find out later on.

So, that's me for now... another busy day!  What's new eh?  It's been my lot for the past 3 weeks now.
I know I'm better for all the work though, it's got me off my bum!  And I feel much more energetic, so it's all good.


Well!  The inside of my home is DONE DONE DONE!  All of it.  Finished.

ABOVE:  Last big job... sorting out everything under the stairs.  DONE. 

ABOVE: Brylee dusting and polishing by the front door.  See, they did help a little!

ABOVE:  The garage... DONE.  I might even get to actually do some sewing now!  

ABOVE:  Steve repairing the ORIGINAL letterbox.  We will be able to paint it late this afternoon I think.  Well I hope so, cos photos happen TOMORROW.  

ABOVE:  This is the very last lot to go into Storage before our Open Homes... which I think are starting next Sunday!  Yikes!
Stew goes back to Hamilton tomorrow, so will take some of it with him, then more on Tuesday.  On  Wednesday he has to go back AGAIN to a funeral, so will take the last of it then.

I can't believe how much we have managed to de-clutter from this house!  I must admit I will be going through it all again when I unpack and might even throw out more.

I am sure there will be a Hopsice Shop in Hamilton.  *smiles*   hee hee.... finding it and visiting it will be fun.

Bex and and boys did indeed come over to visit, not that I got to spend too much time with them today... I really was determined to get that bloody garage finished today.

I did get to cuddle my darling grandsons though.

ABOVE:  Archer is now 9 weeks old... OMG that time has flown by.  He's such a happy wee baby, masses of smiles.  I got some lovely photos of him smiling, but they were blurry as shit, so not good.  
Next time I will spend more time trying to get lovely photos.  
Dante gave me the most gorgeous cuddles when they arrived, I do believe he's missed us.

Bex has promised to come back during the week and spend more time with us, when I'm not so busy.  

It's been a lovely evening, not having my mind racing around like crazy has been great!
I relaxed properly for the first time in ages.

Stew has gone to bed early as he has to leave for Hamilton at 6.30 am tomorrow.  He's taking as much stuff as he can fit in the car with him, putting it into storage after work tomorrow night.

So, there's not too much left in the garage now.  Awesome.

End of Day:  a long day, but so relieved our mammoth task is done.
nite nite


  1. All the best with your house. I am keeping tabs on you but my laptop stinks and I have to be quick to grab John's :)

  2. You are doing so well. Hope the house sells quickly.

  3. Wow good on you now you might be able to relax a little, what a mammoth effort... Gorgeous baby photos as ever...

  4. nawww, hasn't Archer grown so quickly, he is so cute, very cuddlesome

  5. I am so impressed at how much you have achieved in the last few weeks - you are a machine!!!!!!

  6. Well done on how much you have achieved in the last couple of weeks. I reckon I should have you down here at my place - I'm sure you would sort it out in no time (unlike me who has no idea where to start!!). Lovely photos of the junior members of the family - Archer is growing so fast!

  7. Everything is looking great! The boys are just adorable :)


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