Wednesday, July 08, 2015


I didn't hear back from the oven cleaner person yesterday, so I have arranged for another company to come in next Tuesday.

Then I texted the first company and told them I no longer required their services.  They came back with "OH, so sorry, we can do your oven tomorrow"... ah no thanks.  I have no plans to deal with people who dick me around.

This morning I'm going to spray the last coat on the kitchen cupboards, then go to Mt Wellington to return a Sky Decoder.  After that we are meeting up with Bex, Dante and Archer at Sylvia Park.  It will be nice to take a break for a while.

Bex is going to get a haircut, and I shall mind the boys for her at the mall.  Yaaa, 'Grandma' duty.  I don't get to do that very often.  I shall enjoy walking in the mall with the baby in the pram.

After lunch we will come home and I will get the two teenagers to get off their butts and do a few jobs for me.  Yesterday they did diddly squat!

No Weight Watchers this week... not because I've gained (cos I haven't), but because I've got a full day planned and taking time out to go to the meeting won't fit in.

As I'm a Lifetime Member, I only have to attend one meeting a month to maintain active membership, which I definitely want to do.  I will go next week.

Right, I'm going now, I want to get the paint on and drying... have me shower and get to Sylvia Park on time to meet Bex.


Well a lovely morning.  Met up with Bex and the boys, and a blogger friend Lynda.  We wandered the mall yakking while Bex had her haircut, then we all had lunch.  It was very nice to catch up with Lynda.

After lunch we all went our separate ways.  I returned the extra Sky TV decoder and came home.

Sprayed the cupboard doors again and now, once they are dry, they can go back on the cupboards.  TICK to THAT particular job.

Another TICK... I couldn't find a rail that was necessary to hold up the shelves in Brylee's wardrobe.  We'd taken the shelves out to fit in a big cupboard.  Yaaa, found the rail in a corner of the garage just now.  One more thing sorted.

I'm now taking 'time out' for a little while.  Want to give my right arm a rest, it's soooooo sore!

End of Day:  kinda a lazy afternoon... but I needed it.
Dinner was chicken soup, with big chunks of chicken... so nice on a cold winter's day.
nite nite


  1. Fair enough about the oven cleaners, they couldnt give you any indication of time and were going to get back to you and havent.

    Enjoy your day with those boys while you can

  2. Geez, Bex is so lucky to have you! Best Grandma ever!!!

  3. It was great to meet up with you again too Chris - I enjoyed that lunch too, will definitely be having that again!

  4. You are doing do amazing with that house list. I'm not moving but needs to make one if my own as house is feeling a bit neglected. Maybe you should do some stretching exercises with your arm. Probably from overuse and stretching may help.

  5. Rest up! Lots of work! Take care of yourself.

  6. Well the jobs getting done quick smart now go you!!!! Can't wait to see the promo pictures!!!! Hope you took before and after! Etc


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