Friday, July 10, 2015


Stew went to register my car yesterday, and WHOOPS... he couldn't because my WOF was expired!
That's not good.  So, first thing this morning I will be taking it down to the Vehicle Testing Station and getting a WOF.  I think, unfortunately, I will need two new tyres.  And that will cost a bloody fortune.  
My Highlander is a gorgeous vehicle, but it's tyres are uncommon, therefore, expensive.

Fingers crossed it won't need new tyres... but knowing my luck it will.

After that I shall pop down to Manukau and pick up my drycleaning... get more boxes ... and goodness knows what else.

Then I'll come home and get on with the lounge.  I want it DONE by the end of the day.

That way there will 'ONLY' be the garage to finish tidying up before the photographer comes on Monday.

Well... Stew has a few jobs to finish outside on Sunday too... hopefully he gets them all done.


OMG... so lucky!  My car passed it's WOF without needing new tyres.  Most unexpected, but so happy!  

After that, I went down to the Hospice Shop to drop off some china/plates etc.  Had a natter with Debs and spotted a 'couple' of things I just had to buy!  :

ABOVE:  they will be going straight into storage for the next home.  I think you put candles in the round thingees.  Whatever, I love them.

 ABOVE: What can I say?   She's cute, she's wearing a blue bathing suit... and she looks lovely on the ensuite wall!

ABOVE:  Top of my drawers.  I think I need to take some of the necklaces away, it looks cluttered?

ABOVE: new flower arrangement in the ensuite.  Looks neat!

 ABOVE:  The spare bedroom finally finished with the clean quilt on the bed.

ABOVE:  top of drawers in the spare bedroom.  Nice?  Already had the bigger boat, so the little one was nice to get.

Right, back to the lounge.  Sanding and painting, then windows and dusting/polishing and it will be done.

IT'S DONE.  I have almost single handily cleaned, dusted, polished, painted, repaired, de-cluttered and tidied this entire house!  (except the garage, which is just a quick tidy up on Sunday, after we take another load of stuff down to Hamilton on Saturday)

Now all I have to do is keep up with the regular housework and it will be good to 'GO' for our first Open Home, which hopefully will be on the 19th of this month.  

NOW I can take a break.  Thank God.

End of Day:  you have NO IDEA how great it feels to know that everything inside is DONE.  I sat here tonight and my mind was not whizzing around thinking of all the jobs I still had to do.
Such a relief.  Off to bed fairly early tonight, tomorrow will be a busy day in another way.
nite nite


  1. Busy busy busy. ....

  2. Anonymous10:41 AM

    Good luck with your house sale and move - you are all working just so hard. I live in New Zealand and I didn't think WOF had anything to do with registering cars any more - I wasn't asked when I re-registered in June - but still had three/four weeks before the WOF expired. Still, better to know that your car is road-worthy with an up to date WOF - hopefully you will be able to get away with the tyres for another six months. Audrey from Rotorua

  3. think of alllll the calories you are burning!!! xxx

  4. Shit - I just remembered Gary's car isn't registered either - it ran out yesterday whoops :-)

  5. Anonymous2:11 PM


    You are doing a great job ! are Brylee and Griffin excited about the move too ?


    1. They seem to be, which is great.

  6. I'm impressed. You have worked so hard and got everything done is such a short time. It would take me a year to do all that.

  7. WOW Chris, you have made me tired just reading what you have been up to. We are considering moving but if thats what I need to go through I think we should stay put.

  8. Wow awesome going you are inspiring and motivating I pulled oven dryer fridge washing machine out and vaccumed........... But nothing like you phew.

  9. I am so impressed with your energy. I am left exhausted just reading what you do in a day.
    Good luck with selling and can't wait to see your new home x

  10. Well done keep up the great work. Hope you find sometime to relax over the weekend.


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