Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Today I am going to thoroughly enjoy watching someone else clean my oven!
I've never had that happen before... it will be worth the $'s I can assure you.
Though, I feel a bit silly as it's not even that dirty!  Never mind, it will be sparkling clean and I won't have to dread cleaning it.

And there's no way I'll be using once it's clean!  It will have to be dinners cooked in the microwave/slow cooker/frying pan from now on.

I also have a man coming to sort out our garage door.  It's still playing up, it won't open when you push the button, or goes up a little bit, then goes down again.  That's how I crashed into the garage door a few years ago!
So, hopefully it's not a big $$'s fix.  It costs $90 just to get the man out here!

Funny how we don't get all these little things fixed until we have to move!  Now someone else benefits from us fixing things.

Oh well... I bet wherever we end up, the previous owners will have done the same thing.  *smiles*

I'm hoping our Advert is on the internet today.  I will keep checking and once it is I'll post the link, then you can have a look.  EXCITING!
I really am looking forward to the move now that I've done all the hard work.
Unpacking is so much easier than packing.

Once the oven/garage door people have been I might take the kids out to the mall for a treat.  They have been really good these school holidays, doing lots of jobs for me.

Right, better get moving... I've got 'regular' housework to get done, washing out, beds made bla bla bla.


Photos are ready, what do ya think of them?   http://o2v.co/1ZR4

I'm really happy with the photos.  They should go 'online' either today or tomorrow on http://realestate.co.nz and TradeMe.

The oven guy has been and he did an amazing job of the oven.  Worth every cent.

The garage door man arrived and serviced our garage door mechanism, hopefully it works properly now.

I took the kids to the mall for lunch.  It was bedlam there, so we didn't linger.  Home now and I'm going to enjoy relaxing the afternoon away.
Dinner is in the crock pot, pea and bacon soup. It already smells YUM!

End of Day:  and guess what?  I'm just as tired today after doing bugger all, as I was when I was slaving away cleaning!  Weird.  But, it has been nice not having a huge list of jobs in front of me.
Time to get off to bed.
nite nite


  1. You can still cook anything that's covered - casseroles or even roasts as long as you cover the dish. Even pies would be OK. Just don't cook crispy pork belly or other oven messing dishes!! Good luck with the sale.

  2. Just reading your blog over the last week or so is exhausting! I bet the house is looking fabulous. Good luck and here's hoping for a quick and easy sale! I was so lucky when I sold my farmhouse two years ago to move into town, the first person who looked at it fell in love with it (just like I did) and made an offer on the spot. Fingers X'ed for you!

  3. Anonymous10:10 AM

    Good luck Chris - be prepared for a quick sale after all the work you have done. We just recently sold our home at the first "open home". We had 9 offers. I live in Sydney Australia but I bet the market is booming just as much over there. Fingers crossed for you. You deserve it after all your hard work! Michelle - Sydney

  4. The photos look great. Here's to a quick sale and and a speedy move.

  5. Anonymous11:00 AM

    Wow Chris, photos look fantastic and your home looks gorgeous!
    It won't take long to sell I bet xx
    Sharnee , Melbourne. AUSTRALIA

  6. looks very nice. Can't believe how big it is compared to my tiny little cottage!

  7. Great photos Chris and plenty of them. The house certainly presents well.

    My niece has her house for sale and the only photos posted are of the Kitchen and outside. The outside needs work so it makes you wonder what the 'unseen' is like !

  8. Anonymous12:18 PM

    Photos look great!


  9. Wow, Chris, the house looks fabulous. You have done a great job! I hope it sells quickly.

  10. Looks fabulous, well done. Fingers crossed for a fast sale :-)

  11. The house looks like it could be in a magazine. Beautiful! It should attract the right buyer in a heartbeat!

  12. Anonymous2:11 PM

    Looks Fab!!!! Good luck with the sale!!!!!!!

  13. Which company did you end up getting for the oven?

    1. 'loven'... really nice guy too.

  14. House is gorgeous Chris!! Love the photos!!! Would buy it in an instant if I had the money and lived up there! Hope it sells fast!
    Karen (Wgtn)

  15. All your hard work has paid of! Love it - and so well presented. GOOD LUCK!!!

  16. Wow wow and I have seen it all, I predict a definite sale.. Xx looks amazing.

  17. The house looks great

  18. You clever woman!! The house looks so great!!

  19. House looks amazing Chris. Well done! Good luck for a quick sell - and a quick find of your new home in Hamilton

  20. The house looks really great. Fingers crossed it sells quickly.

  21. Your home looks lovely. All your hard work is sure to pay off.

  22. Don't you just love home maintenance. Sometimes I feel like when one thing is fixed the next thing breaks. I am always doing something. But I will say that it is a much better deal than renting. Landlords can be a hassle to deal with. I suppose this upkeep with everything is just a part of every single person's life.

    Giovanni @ Coastal Contract Hardware


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