Sunday, July 05, 2015


This could get boring for ya!

Today we are doing more of the same sort of stuff we did yesterday.

Cleaning, de-cluttering (the storage room under the house today), general repairs around the yard and house.  We have one week left till we get professional photos taken for the marketing campaign... it's gotta be all finished by next Monday.

I can't believe just how much we had to do!  I thought my home was reasonably clean, and nothing much needed fixing. HA HA!  I was wrong.

Tracy I can't thank you enough for recommending getting oven cleaners in!  I've got them coming tomorrow afternoon.  I shall not be using my oven again after that!

It's not a cheap indulgence, but for the sake of my back and hands, I'm just too happy to pay  someone to do it for me.

Now, some photos from yesterday:

 ABOVE:  Stew and Steve installing the new gate.  My gorgeous antique gate is coming with us.

 ABOVE:  A sleeping Archer, such a cutie.

ABOVE: An indignant Dante, who yelled at me because my camera was hurting his eyes!  5 minutes later, after I'd put the camera away he was insisting I take his picture!  Typical kid.

 ABOVE:  My brother-in-law Richard and son Vern, who is named after my brother Vern...

ABOVE:  Richard's wife Olla and daughter Dewi.

Richard was married to my sister Lorraine, and they have 3 adult kids.  Now he's married to Olla.  He's like a real brother really, he's been in my life since I was 14.  And Olla is like a true sister-in-law too.  Just one of me family.  Dewi and Vern are now 11 years old and are just the most gorgeous kids.  

It was just so lovely to see them again yesterday.  They fly home to Indonesia today.

Right, I better go, there's still plenty on my list!


LOL... I forgot an entire room, wasn't even on me list!
The 'dining room' or Archgola room.  So, it's now sparkling clean and tidy.   Getting heaps done today too... poor Stew.
He's outside hammering and so on.   

I'm about to go down to the dungeon (under house store room) and make a start on that. 

In an hour or so we will take a lunch break I think.

Time for lunch, and we are going to Sylvia Park.  I want to get a few things, and hopefully we can pop in and see the kids on our way home.

It will be nice to take a break from the housework!

Our lunch break was lovely.  We had lunch and did some shopping too.  Got another Britto figurine, a final 'Auckland one'.  Also got some more flowers for the house to make it pretty in my bedroom... *smiles*.

We visited Steve and Bex too.  The boys were asleepm but we did manage a quick cuddle with Dante when he woke up.

Home... dinner.... some relaxing TV, and not much else.   We are both really worn out.

End of Day:  another productive day, I can actually see an end to all this prep work... I think I should have the inside of the house all done by the end of the week!
There will be stuff in the garage waiting to go into storage, but that's all I hope.
nite nite


  1. This is not boring at all. It's just nice to not be going through myaelf!!

  2. I'm loving the updates and seeing what you are doing

  3. You have been a cleaning machine, great to hear you're having a break.

  4. How neat! And seeing Vern made me happy and sad both. How lovely that they are all part of your family. :)

  5. Great idea the Oven cleaners lol. Wouldve done the same thing myself. Hey great you got to see Richard Olla and the kids. Yes they most certainly are still family. Olla is such a lovely lady and the kids to. Richard is one lucky man to have Olla, I just adore her. Welp, I had a shit day, friend came to deliver a wardrobe I bought, fell off the trolley and BANG hit the ground and the doors fell off. CRAP. So that was that, nice wardrobe I'm gonna have to put new hinges on and hope it works. Replaced one of those wire ones you can wheel around and open like. Grrrr what a day. Poor Mark is so upset about it, got free delivery tho lol. XXX

  6. Our oven cleaning guy only charges $50 he does awesome job and is always BOOKED UP/OUT!! You certainly are getting there the agents will be thrilled I'm sure with the decluttering and the sale will be swift me thinks...

  7. Sounds like you had another buzy day....

  8. Until you started collecting Britto I had never seen it before. One of the shops in our local mall started selling it and they had a collection of Mickey Mouse figures which is the favourite of one of my best friends. Gary & I decided to get a small one one for her birthday then with other stuff that happened we decided to get a larger one and when I showed Siobhan she said they had seen them in Aussie and Sue had said she liked them so when we gave her her birthday present she was stoked.

  9. Anonymous4:06 AM

    You have been very busy. That's nice he is named after your brother. Let's us know how the oven goes. Do you have any others named after him in your family or others named after others? It's so lovely when names are used in memory of a person. My children all have middle names after family members who have pasted bar my son who has first and second! Good luck with the house

  10. All of our children had family second names, and some have third family names too. Our daughter/granddaughter Brylee also has Vern's name as a second name, as she was the first baby born in the family after he died.


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