Thursday, July 02, 2015


Going through all the stuff in our attic yesterday was .... interesting.  Probably 60% of it is going to either the Hospice shop or the dump.
The rest is staying here.
We found some things I'd thought lost... like this:

ABOVE: our telescope!  I'd been looking for it, on and off, for almost 7 years!  It was right at the back of our attic space, tucked behind a rafter.  Now that I have it, I'll probably never want to use it... lol.

I am storing most of my Mum's old photos, and it was lovely to find this one:

 ABOVE: This is my maternal Great Grandmother, who I was named after.  I can remember seeing this photo on and off during my childhood, so it was neat to see it again.
I hope one day my Mum comes and gets all her photos, cos there's a shit load of them!
Boxes full in fact, and I'm gunna have to lug them on to our next home and find a space for them.  Oh well... it's what ya do eh?

Lacy sent me some adorable photos of our Miss Muppet last night:

ABOVE:  Keera hasn't been very well lately, multiple ear infections and mild pneumonia... caused by living in a damp, cold house in Tauranga.
They are moving in about 2 weeks into a better home.  Thank goodness.  Can't have our Miss Muppet getting sick all the time.

Doesn't she look so happy on the swing?  Little Darling.

Right, I'm off to take another load to the Hospice Shop, then home to continue sorting out the garage, which looks like a bomb site.  AGAIN.  And I will pace myself, and take plenty of pit stops.


I just got to tick off ONE room, which is now entirely DONE.  The master bedroom.
Now it's on to Griffin's room.

I've deferred the garage until the kids are home to help me.  It's too big a job for me alone.

So, I took a full car load of stuff to the Hospice Shop... started carrying it inside and OH NO!
I spied this:

 ABOVE:  Of course I just had to buy it!  I console my conscience with the fact I've taken 1000% more TO HOSPICE in the past week than I've ever bought there.  I will keep telling myself that too.

After that I went to Bunnings and got more supplies for tidying up the house, poly filler, paint, sandpaper etc.

Then home, to the smell of this:

ABOVE:  I did a fresh loaf of bread for tonight's dinner, and to make sure the bread baker still worked fine.  

I plan on making a loaf just before every Open Home, so the house smells AMAZING  for when potential purchasers arrive.

I always do that.

End of Day:  well I've taken it easy this afternoon, all I did was fill small holes, defects on walls.  Mostly where we have had screws in walls holding kiddie/dog guards and gates.  Oh and a hole in Brylee's wall where a skateboard when smack into it.
Just little life blimps.
Time to head off to bed soon.  
nite nite


  1. Cant beat the smell of fresh bread anytime. What about coffee I have heard that is good too.

    Cant say I blame you for buying the boat, it is so you and you have taken so much to the opshop

  2. good luck with all the work ahead of you, and the selling of your house. It's a huge undertaking.... pace yourself!!! xxxx

  3. I've just finished doing all that you are doing at your place.. filled in all the little holes everywhere, repainted walls and ceilings, plastered patches that needed it, decluttered etc. Not selling but it just feels good to have it all done and enjoy living here more. Hard work though :)

  4. Good luck sorting the house out. MMMMM bread!

  5. Glad its you and not me Sis. Hows the cold going. Nice pic of our G GrGrandmother. I have the one of I think Maud Augusta and Hubby, the wedding one. Will check with Mum who but sure she said thats who she was. Do you remember the one hung at Whitianga in the oval frame of a man in a suit with a lady, short hair standing next to him with her hand on his shoulder. I got that here and yet to get a copy for Mum. Does look similar to the one here, lady has short hair to. Think that pic is older. Anyways love those old photos, really love them. History is great from those eras. Happy days house hunting. xxx


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