Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Well...it had to happen eventually.
I have no plans for the day!

There is always washing, but apart from that, I'm at a loss for something to do.

I did leave some fabric and my sewing machine here, so maybe I can do some sewing.  I've got enough fabric to carry on with my latest quilt.

Hard to believe that I've not bought any fabric in well over a month!  Maybe longer.  And I've not sewn a thing for that long either.

OOooo, I just thought of something.  I could have a go at making some fabric bags for my vacum cleaner.  Yep, that's what I will do.

I shall have to pop down to Spotlight for some calico, but that's all I'll need.

So, there ya go. Now I've got plans.  Yaaa.


I only bought calico!... ummm, and some scissors for the kitchen and a couple of containers for Stew to use for his lunch... cos I packed all of our tupperware eh?  lol

Then I bought a subway and came home and had lunch.

Now... THINKING of doing that sewing.

I didn't do the sewing, it was way too cold in the garage!
So... I watched TV.  All afternoon.  And felt so guilty.   But what else was there to do?  lol

OH!  I did me nails too.  ha ha ha

I cooked dinner, pasta with a mince/tomato/mushroom sauce on top.   Rather delish.

Heard from our Real Estate Agent.  There's 2 parties VERY interested in our house.  More on THAT tomorrow.

End of Day:  early cos I'm going to bed early tonight, although I've been MEGA lazy today, I'm still tired.  Stress eating too.  I JUST CAN'T STOP.  Nerves.  Worry.  Anxiety.  You name it ... I'm feeling it.
nite nite


  1. Wow no plans mum. Thats different for you. Have fun making the vac bags.

  2. What an excuse to have to go to Spotlight!

  3. And I bet Chris comes home with more than calico from Spotlight !

  4. Lol yep thats my mum.

  5. See I was right about Spotlight lol ! Good news about the 2 parties interested in your house.

  6. I do hope there is good news on the house front.... Sometimes lazy days are RECHARGE your battery days, you have been so busy of late.

  7. Great to have 2 people very interested. Good luck. And it's ok to have a lazy day. You earnt it

  8. Two interested parties is a great start - good luck!

  9. Hope you get an offer.....or two. Fingers crossed.


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