Friday, July 17, 2015


We had a bit of a mishap in the house yesterday.

Griffin was using my ensuite and he knocked the shelf on the wall... and it came crashing down...

ABOVE: luckily it was safety glass, or Griffin would have gotten badly cut.  As it was he got 4 small nicks on his foot.

So now I have to consider:  replace or remove?

ABOVE:  Do you think anyone will notice if I take the shelf away completely?   
The glass shelf has fallen down before, and I'd hate it to happen again.

I'm thinking maybe I take the brackets out, plaster up the holes and paint the wall. 

We are just so very lucky it didn't land on the sink and break it too!

I need to fix it TODAY, as tomorrow we are off to Hamilton for the day and then on Sunday we have our first Open Home!

So, it's not going to be a sit on me bum sort of day!  And I've got a fair bit of washing to get done/dry and put away too.

Housework never sleeps.  


Well, I have decided not to risk it.  I'm taking it down and not replacing it.  I'm now waiting for the plaster to set where the screws went into the wall...then I can sand and paint late tonight.

Hope nothing else gets damaged before Sunday's Open Home!

It's a gorgeous sunny day today.  Shame it won't be on Sunday by the sound of it.  Grrrr.  

Funny thing!  We rang Stew's sister over the other side of Auckland to let her know we were moving..... and it turns out so is she!
Her first Open Home is this weekend too.
Talk about funny.

She is moving to Wanganui, which is way down near Palmerston North, on the west coast!  Rather her than me.
I've lived in Wanganui, Lacy was born there in fact.  Khady will like it though, she's a west coast kinda girl.

I just had a massive hissy fit at the kids.  Every time I turn around, they have eaten something at the breakfast bar and left a bloody mess.
And every time, I grab the dishcloth and wipe it up.  WHY?  Why the hell am I still doing that?

They are big enough to do it themselves, they just don't THINK of it.  So.  I just yelled my head off at them.

Maybe now they will do it and not leave it up to me?

Grrrr... feeling tired and crabby.   Started vacuming and the bag is FULL.  So I went down to Godfrey's and bought some bags, they don't actually fit the Kirby that well... but they will have to do.  I kinda ruined one trying to get it to fit.  It fits... but only just.

I might make my own at some point.  With calico so I can re-use them.  The 'real' Kirby ones cost like,  $80 for 2.  Bugger that!

Dinner is sorted, we are having ravioli in a tomato and mushroom sauce.  It will only take me half an hour to prepare.  Yaaa.

MY BAD.  I know I'm supposed to be de-cluttering in readiness for moving, but while out just now I dropped more stuff off at the Hospice Shop, and saw a picture, and JUST HAD TO BUY IT!...

ABOVE:  It's quite a big picture, and not in the best condition, but I thought I would cut it down a bit in size, keeping the little dinghy's and a bit of the scenery around them.  The dinghy's are darling.

If I can't find a place for it in the new house, I can always donate it back to Hospice. *smiles*

My afternoon has been slow.  It's so cold.  Dammit, just remembered the washing is still outside, better go get it in.
Dinner is cooking.... plaster is nearly set... almost time to sand and paint.

End of Day: almost time to go to bed, but before that... sand and paint those patches in the ensuite.
nite nite


  1. Ugh I just left a message and accidentally signed out instead of publish. I say go with whatever is easiest.... it took me a minute to see the shelf (on my phone screen) even with the arrow! ! Go with the fastest and easiest option. The house looks lovely.

  2. I agree Chris, go with whatever is easiest. I don't think anyone will notice if it is not there from just having looked at the photos. Thankfully Griffin wasn't cut badly.

  3. Anonymous8:28 AM

    Yikes! So glad he wasn't hurt badly. Must have scared him to death though. Honestly, I wouldn't replace it. Might happen to someone else someday :(
    ~Nicole in CA

  4. Repair but dont replace. We have recently had a mirrored cabinet door fall off in the bathroom, as it fell it smashed the hand basin chipped the stone bench top and broke the towel rail We had to replace all of the but also the tap , which ment tiles as well as the basin was discontinued and an unusual style and size. That is stress that you do not need now.

    1. Bloody hell! Talk about bad luck. I'm so happy nothing else got damaged in our bathroom!

  5. Yup, right decision. If in doubt dont replace, get rid of it and yes if anyone reading your blog looks at your house will know YES they will KNOW coz ya telling us all hehehehe. anyhows, good Griffin didnt get hurt.

  6. Repair and well its the safest way probably eh, I do hope you sell soon find something else soon and try to relax slow down...

  7. Are you sure the Kirby bags cost that much? We buy ours in a pack of 6 for about that. Mind the rubber seal at the top, though. You'll need that if you're making your own or it won't work. xx

  8. Good luck with the open house. Hope you catch a buyer quickly.

  9. Do you have to paint the whole bathroom or just the spots that you repaired? Do you actually have the original paint colors for all these rooms? Or will any old white paint do? I have never "spot" painted before.

    1. We bought an exact match paint and yes.... I paint the whole wall.

  10. Good idea on getting rid of the shelf. The dinghy painting is lovely and certainly your taste.

  11. WHAT a day! Though I would have removed the shelf as well. Not worth that much trouble replacing as you are selling and people doing a walk-through are likely not going to appreciate how much effort that takes.


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