Wednesday, July 22, 2015


I mentioned last night that I had heard from the Real Estate Agent.

Well, he rang mid afternoon to let me know there were 2 interested parties in our home.

Then he rang again at dinnertime to say one of them were wanting to come back for a 2nd viewing, and they put their home on the market yesterday.  Which means they are VERY keen on our home!!!

Of course, it follows that they will have to sell their home in order to buy ours, but we are in the same position with what we want to buy down in Hamilton.  We have to sell here first.

So, while trying not to get too excited... I AM!

I have all day to get the house in tip top shape again, which won't take long cos it's already super tidy.  lol  The viewing isn't until after 5 pm, it's going to be a LONG day for me.

The kids and I will take the dogs out to the Botanic Gardens while these people have their 2nd viewing.

Now.... I also got some lovely mail yesterday:

 ABOVE: how pretty is that?   A handpainted parcel all the way from a dear blogger/facebook friend in the U.S.A, thank you so much Kayola!  

Kayola does custom 'doodles', so I asked her to do a small one for me.  I left it up to her what she painted, this is what she did:

ABOVE:  isn't she so clever!  It's so ME!  I love the words she used, "Here sits the Queen", and "Never Stop Dreaming".  And of course she had to show 'me' drinking Diet Coke... at the beach.

 ABOVE:  Kayola also sent over a lovely Arizona cookbook, postcards and a gift pack of 5 of her beautiful cards too!  I was ever so spoilt.

ABOVE:  My new painting is already hanging in my bedroom, where I can see it all the time.

Right, I'm going to make my house PERFECT again.... nervous, excited, nervous....  and ONLY 11 hours until the people arrive for a 2nd viewing!  ...  eeekkkkk!


I'm hoping for an 'unconditional' offer too!  Of course.
If it's only 'conditional' on them selling their home first, they might just lose it, as EVERYONE is so certain our home will go super fast.  
I won't hold my breath ... but I'm hopeful they are going to the bank to get finance NOW!

I've woken up and am right into getting all the beds make, bathrooms spic 'n' span... all the usual palaver.   

My phone is playing up.  I might have to pop down to Telecom and see why.  I can't LIVE without me mobile!

My stupid phone perked up and went again, so I don't have to replace it right now.  Yaaaa.
I went down to the mall and got a few groceries then came home and had lunch.

Now I'm 90% ready.  Just have to vacum and put the dogs in the car at the last minute.  This was really easy today, having them coming so late in the day means I can just meander through the jobs.

After they have been and gone we are going to Karl's Junior for dinner, so I don't even have to worry about cooking dinner.  Excellent.

Well... the viewers were in the house for over half an hour.  And after they left the Real Estate guy rang and said would we be home around 7.30, as he would be calling around. 

Hmmmm.... sounds promising.

It's so... tension filled.

The Real Estate guys arrived at 7.30 tonight with not ONE, but TWO offers for our house!!!

We accepted the highest one (as ya would) and it should go unconditional by Monday at 5pm! (subject to a Builder's report)

We are gobsmacked!  On the market for exactly one week, one Open Home and we are virtually sold!

We are on cloud nine.

Saturday we shall be going to Hamilton to look at a few more houses, and perhaps make an offer on one.

So, so excited... how lucky can you be?

End of Day:  wonder if I will sleep for the next  5 nights?
Off to sit and let it sink in.
nite nite


  1. Yeah! Hopefully the 2nd people don't have to sell their house first to buy it ;)

  2. I love that picture!!!! Very clever lady indeed and yes, so you :) Good luck with the viewing but try to get a definite offer, not one subject to sale if you can... in this market you should get that but I know your agent will guide you well.

  3. Good luck for the second viewing! The Auckland market is mad. My in-laws sold their house yesterday and it was only listed for 4 days and they got above the asking. Hubby's aunt also sold her place within a week.
    Fingers crossed for you guys :)

    Love the pic too!!

  4. Love that picture-it is so you and what a clever woman to doodle it. Good luck with the second viewing-it's hard not to be excited but I hope when you sell you get a definite offer rather than subject to sale.

  5. Good Luck for the viewing, I think it is going to be a looong day for you. Love that picture from Kayola, so cute :-)

  6. Good Luck Good Luck Good Luck!!!!!!!!!

  7. Oh good luck I do hope it sells fingers crossed, what a nice surprise a parcel.... Will pop back in for update later.

  8. Fingers crossed for you XXX

  9. Fingers crossed!!

  10. marrriedwithchildren.blogspot.com7:43 PM

    all the best.

  11. Anonymous8:31 PM

    crossing my blue fingernails too
    Melissa Georgia, Franklin Lakes,NJ

  12. 8.37 checked in at intermission of a show. Now I have to wait til it's over for an update. Fingers crossed.

  13. Waiting on edge of seat for an update....

  14. Congratulations that's fantastic news.

  15. Exciting! Now on to house shopping :)

  16. Fantastic news - told you not to worry! That's great!

  17. Congrats mum and dad. So happy

  18. Coool, Si, hope you sell and that doodle from your friend is just so so so GORGEOUS. Oh how lucky you are. Wonderful friend you have. Just had to laugh at it to. Great stuff. Anyhows best of luck with the house darls. xxx

  19. Anonymous9:15 PM

    That is WONDERFUL news!!! You're a pro at this selling house business!!


  20. Fantastic! Just goes to show how well you have decorated and looked after the place. Congrats xxxx

  21. Wow, I wish things were that easy in UK.

  22. So happy for you Chris.

  23. Woohooooooo!!!! How exciting.

  24. Awesome news ... all your hard work paid off big time.

  25. OMG that's fantastic news, well done!!!

  26. Good one you have worked so hard !

  27. Anonymous12:57 AM

    Sharnee Melbourne Australia

  28. What wonderful news. Hope all goes smoothly.

  29. Great news on the quick sell. You'll be moved before you have a chance to think twice.

  30. woohooo how exciting!! Congrats!!

  31. so exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!! congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Better start thinking about the future house of your dreams. Now, even the one you loved the first week might be an option. You didn't think your house would sell quick enough.

    1. Yep, that house is still high on our list of possibilities.

  33. Yoohoo!!! Fantastic news!!


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