Monday, July 13, 2015


Well the kids won't be sleeping in today.
Shame that.  *snort*

Nope, I shall be getting them up nice and early so they can help get the last minute things done before the photographer arrives at 11 am.

Vacuming, making the beds with pretty linen, putting the 'Open Home' bathroom towels etc in the bathrooms (Nice ones, all matching), cleaning the laundry and getting rid of the dogs bed and toys, and so on.   It will be good practice for when we do have an Open Home.

Not that I need the practice!  We've been there, done that quite a few times.  This is the 5th home we have sold in the past 28 years.  Not that many I suppose... but it's not something you forget in a hurry, as it's a very stressful time in your life.

Hopefully the photographer gets some lovely photos.  I can't wait to see them, I bet they will be way better than any I've taken.
The only thing I have asked is that they don't use 'trick' photography.

We have been to plenty of homes where the photos made the rooms look HUGE, when in fact they were not!  One place we looked at years ago had a driveway that looked like it could have 10 cars parked there, when in fact it could only have, at the MOST, 2 parked there!

I reckon that is false advertising and it pisses me off, so I don't want any of that going on in my home's photos.  

I'm told our 'FOR SALE' sign should be ready and installed outside our home by Wednesday!
Thursday at the latest, with our first Open Home this coming weekend.  But, I will find out for definite later today I think.

I just want to get it started, cos the sooner it's started, the sooner it will be over and we can really move on with finding our new home for real.

OMG this is really happening!  It is exciting, and scary at the same time.  Even though we have done it all before, I still feel quite nervous about it all.

Right, I'm off to get this house looking AMAZING...


It has taken 2 hours this morning to do all the 'last minute' things around the house.  It's now ready for photos.
And I'm done.  I can't wait to just sit down knowing the ball is rolling and all I have to do is keep the housework up to date and get ready for an Open Home on the weekend.

DONE.  They took about an hour to take all their photos... and they should be up on the 'net by either tomorrow or Wednesday.  Our first Open Home will be this Sunday afternoon, time to be determined sometime today.

Drained.  Time to go get a few groceries to tide us over for the next few days.  I'm running our freezer supplies down to nothing so we have less to move ... same with stuff in the pantry.
So.. we have no bread/eggs/meat/ and so on.  Poor Griffin is scared he will fade away... lol~!

When the Real Estate guy was leaving today with the Photographer, he said he wasn't going to bother sending me an email telling me 'How to prepare your home for Open Homes'... cos he said my home was already PERFECTLY PRESENTED.  Awwww, that made my day, it really did.

End of Day:  well an excellent day, another big step closer to getting our house sold and moving on.
Tomorrow I have virtually nothing to do... except wander around looking for something I've missed!
nite nite


  1. All the luck in the world Chris. You have been amazing in all you have done to prepare your house for sale. I hope everything runs smoothly with the minimum of stress. I have been in the same house for 44 yrs because my husband won't move so I am very very envious of you

  2. Good luck...I hope you can show us the pictures.

  3. Good Luck, Chris! Can't wait to see some pictures. We sold our house a year ago and downsized quite a bit. It was hard to leave it, but it never looked better than when that "For Sale" sign went up! Best wishes on your new place, as well! Hope this once sells fast!

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  5. Sharns10:35 AM

    This might double up!
    Best wishes Chris, I feel it's a bittersweet time, your leaving wonderful memories but moving on to make new ones xx Can't wait to see pic!

  6. Anonymous11:29 AM

    You are an inspiration. I have been looking forward to this week of the holidays to start having a clear out - although not in the grand scale you are doing but to declutter. Wish I didn't have this horrible cold because now I feel very UNmotivated!! It'll be okay - relax and it will all fall into place.


  7. Maybe you could hire yourself out as a consultant to help people declutter and get houses ready for Open Homes :-)

  8. Awesome awesome full steam ahead here's hoping for a super quick sale!

  9. Happy wandering tomorrow

  10. Anonymous2:09 AM

    You will have to tell us the agents website so that we can see the photos. When we sold our home, the photographer gave us a DVD with the professional photos on it, something that your photographer could do for you.
    Good luck with the sale, Auckland houses are in short supply so it should not be on the market long.
    Looking forward to seeing your new home, you are great at home decorating. Ann.

  11. Good luck! I hope your house sells quickly for you!

  12. Anonymous4:23 AM

    You are a Rock Star!!! Seriously, it takes a strong person to do all that you've done in the last few weeks. Good luck on the sale and purchase of your new one. Cheers!
    ~Nicole in CA


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