Saturday, July 18, 2015


Today is devoted to house hunting.

Very excited as we have some nice looking houses lined up.

We are meeting with our Estate Agent at Te Kowhai to look at a brand new lifestyle block/home... then maybe another two out there as well.

Then... back into town to look at a few in Rototuna/Huntington/Flagstaff areas.

It is the best part of moving house.  Finding a new one!  I'm hoping to find 'the one' this time, with not too many compromises.

While I like my home here, it's never been 'the one'.  The house in Palmerston North was one of my most favourite homes ever.  I'm hoping to feel the same about our next home.

Right, I better get moving, we have an appointment at 10.30 in Te Kowhai!


Atrocious weather here in Hamilton!   But... we have seen 3 'NOs' and 2 definite 'YES's'!  We have now taken a break for lunch. 

Well we saw several more houses this afternoon... one of which was another definite possibility. 

Very good result today. 

We are now home and doing last minute things before tomorrow's Open Home.

Well.. I am.

My pc has had a hissy fit and won't start, so I'm stuck in front of it trying to get it to go while blogging on me phone! 

It took a while, but I finally got the bloody computer going... Grrrrr.  No idea why it stopped working, or what I did to 'fix' it. 

Anyway *sigh*, here's a picture of the three houses we liked today:

ABOVE:  The top two are brand new, never lived in, and the bottom one is a few years old.  We loved all three of them and would be happy in any of them!
Add them to the three we already have on our 'YES' list and we have 6 to choose from so far!

That is, unless some of them sell in the interim, then we just choose from the others left.  We are spoilt for choice, so lucky.

NOW all we have to do is SELL HERE.  

End of Day:  such a good day.  We made a good decision today, that was acknowledging that we DO NOT want a house in the country/lifestyle block.  That makes the search easier.
Off to bed now, tomorrow is a big day.
nite nite


  1. Good luck with the house hunting again today Chris, of course we can't wait to see the pictures of the potential houses..... Right? Hint hint :) hehehehe subtle ain't I? :)

  2. Have fun house hunting mum. Bring jackets and umbrella. . Its raining. .

  3. Good luck with the house hunting Chtis. Exciting I am sure.

  4. Good luck, I hope the weather there is better than here. I keep waiting for it to die down before I go out - not happening, it gets worse.

    Looking forward to the pictures of today's houses :-)

  5. TWO yesses!! Wow! That means you can wheel and deal a bit, and if it doesn't work out, move on. :)

  6. ZOMG! Those homes look amazing!!!.... I wish I was moving now!! xxxxxx

  7. Anonymous6:09 AM

    I LOVE house hunting with you! ;) The ones you posted for liking are gorgeous. What does country/lifestyle block mean? Do you want something closer to the downtown area?
    ~Nicole in CA

  8. What does country / lifestyle block mean?

  9. Those are nice houses :-)

  10. Those are nice houses :-)


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