Monday, July 27, 2015


First up for the day, I've got an appointment at the Manukau Super Centre for my bi-annual mammogram.
Oh what fun, you can bet I'm looking forward to that!  NOT.
At least the machines they use now are not as horrible as 10 years ago, when they bloody hurt!
The last mammogram I had didn't hurt as such, it was just uncomfortable.

I'll be glad when it's over for sure.

And it will kill the morning for me.  Give me something else to think about.

Because as you all know by now, it's D Day.  Will our house sale go unconditional or not?
My stomach is churning just thinking about it... I really hate how I'm feeling right now.

I know there's no good reason for it to fall over, but you just NEVER KNOW, until the last minute.

And our 'last minute' is 5 pm tonight.  Though, we might find out sooner if it does fall through.  God I hope it doesn't.

We do have a back up offer on the table, but if we have to fall back on that, we have to go through the waiting process all over again.

My nerves and stomach might not last the distance!  And of course, we would no doubt lose the next 'favourite' house we have fallen in love with too.

So.  It's a BIG day.  Perhaps I can have a nana nap this afternoon... make the day go faster?


8.45 am:  Just got a phone call from the Super Clinic.  My appointment has been postponed till August 10th due to one of their machines breaking down and one radiographer being away sick.
So... the boobies are safe for another day!  lol

So... now I just have to sit around the house and wait... and wait...for a good phone call or a bad one.  OH JOY.

10.35 am:  Heard from the Real Estate Agent.  So far so good.  One new condition has been added.

There's 2 cracked tiles on the roof and the purchasers have asked that we get them replaced before settlement because:

1. He hates heights
2. He's terrified of heights
3. He simple DOES NOT DO HEIGHTS !

So funny.  And, as we have spare roof tiles here already, we certainly can replace the 2 cracked ones.

There is a small hitch with some wording on the Title too... which can no doubt be rectified, and should NOT hold up the sale going Unconditional... but as we all know, nothing is certain until 5 pm.

I'm feeling a little bit less nervous and sick.

Our sale fell through.  I'm beyond gutted.
Now we fall back on our back up offer and see what happens there.
That's all for now.  I'm just gutted and want to go cry.

WHY?  Because their LAWYER doesn't like plaster houses and talked them out of it.  FULL. STOP. END. OF. STORY.
Note: there is NOTHING wrong with our home, it is totally sound and the builder who did the inspection is shocked they used that as an excuse.

So.  They have lost out on my gorgeous home, and it will go to a family who really, really love it.

I'm still really upset, but will get over it.  It will happen... and if we lose the home in Hamilton, it wasn't meant to be either.  *sigh*

End of Day:  I'm going to bed tonight miserable.  But... it's another day tomorrow and I will try and make it better than today. Hell!  That won't be hard.
nite nite


  1. Anonymous7:33 AM

    Fingers crossed it goes your way. A great saying I believe is "What's for you won't pass you by". If it's meant to be, it'll happen.


  2. I have total confidence :-)

  3. Fingers toes arms legs eyes all crossed....

  4. Settle Petal, settle petal. All will fall into place. If you were meant to get the house you both want and the sale of this home goes right then all good and well, if not then back to the drawing board but either way its not worth you stressing so much. Honetly I can understand but dont make yourself sick ok. try to relax and yes a Nanny nap is in order here. Go to bed with your socks on tho, you may have to get up quick and less to put on LOL. Seriously tho Sis, best best best of luck ok. Bloody nerve racking aye. To be honest I wouldnt want to be in your shoes and seriously can understand your stress, anxiety etc. Nerve racking and cant really help it, a big big day and a new home. But do try to rest ok.

  5. Good luck thinking of you x

  6. I keep checking back to see if there is any news....15min to go, I think you are in the clear! Best of luck with selling the house, can wait to see the house you buy in Hamilton! I am sure you will make it look as beautiful as this one :-)

  7. Ohhhhh darn, OK back to drawing board fix tiles easy wording easy back up offer great, you're in my thoughts.

  8. Oh suck! Fingers crossed for the backup offer

  9. Oh no... why? Did they tell you? That sucks...

  10. Oh - that's not good! Do you know why? It is really early days and there will be another offer soon- meanwhile fingers crossed for the back up one!

  11. Anonymous5:36 PM

    Oh Chris I am gutted for you guys-Ive been on tenderhooks all day (no where near as much as you im sure) to get to check now at 5.30 to find its fallen on its arse. I am so sorry shit bugger dam
    Felicity xxxx

  12. That is pathetic! Is their lawyer going to live there? What a pathetic excuse!

  13. What EXACTLY did the condition say? If it was subject to the builders report then the lawyer CANNOT do that, tell them you will be getting your own legal opinion as to whether they can use that to go unconditional.

  14. Good point Tracy. ...if the building report come back with nothing wrong or you were able to fix problems before 5pm it should have gone through.

  15. Very disappointing for you Chria but it is early days. Good luck with the second offer

  16. Happened to a co worker over a tiny thing left of lim. So easy to withdraw at last minute . So unreasonable and unfair as I'm sure his lawyer did not just advise at the last minute. Don't stress it will sell and you'll be able to move on xx

  17. So sorry to hear that. This happened to us however ours was an error on real estate agent as they didn't put in the right to rectify any issues. Obviously you can't rectifiy plaster. I hope the next contract runs smoothly for you. Is it ten days from tomorrow?? Or is this one subject to sale?

    1. They are cash buyers as well... with same conditions... LIM, Builders Report and Contract/Title checked. They have till (fuck) 5 pm NEXT MONDAY to go unconditional too.

    2. Fingers and toes crossed. Your house is gorgeous. I am sure things will fall into place.

  18. OMG that sux the big one! so sorry to hear

  19. Chris, I'm not sure they can use that as a reason to back out UNLESS it was conditional on their solicitors approval. My solicitor advised me years back to always put that clause into contracts (so I do) but without it, there has to be a fault in the builders report (if that's their condition) for them to have an out. Well that's how I understand it to be, I was told by my own lawyer that its best to put a lawyers clause in, 'just in case' as without it, there was no backing out.

    1. They don't have to say WHAT bothered them with any of the conditions exactly, just that they were not happy with the Builders report and that's it. They could have said the cracked roof tiles bothered them and could have backed out. They strung us along all day ... that's what upsets me the most.

    2. Oh Chris, I am so sorry, I fully understand you being so upset, I hope it does not loose you the house you love so much.

      In the UK things are very different, but its still a mine field. Buyers have to put a deposit down when they sign the contract, (if they back out once the contract has been signed they forfeit the deposit). The property then goes forward to completion and thats it. The buyer has to pay for a surveyors report on the house, which can cost up to £1000. I am not sure if this has been altered, I have a feeling that now the vendors have to have the report done and a copy has to be given to purchasers. Its a long time since we bought a property in England. There are also 'searches' which have to be done to make sure there is nothing that can affect the price of the house once it has been sold. i.e. a development of land for either housing or industrial use. Of if the house is on land that has mine workings or similar beneath it which could cause subsidence in later years.

      In Scotland its different again, you can actually shake hands and its a deal...........once you have made an offer and its been accepted thats it, they conclude 'the missives' (the deeds) and the sale goes through. We once bought a house in Scotland in 10 days. The one flaw with the Scottish system is that you can have a property which is fixed price, the price on the advert is what you pay, offers above, which means the figure on the advert is the lowest the vendors will accept, I had a friend who paid over £10,000 more than the advertised price she wanted the house so badly. Then there is sealed bids, the agents set a date and all bids on the house are opened on that date, then the vendor decides which offer to take. It does not have to be the highest offer, although mostly it is.

      It can take anything up to 8 months to sort things out. They buyers also have to have a survey done to make sure there is nothing that can affect the value of the house. i.e. old mine working under the house which can cause subsidence.

      Sorry this has turned into a screed, here endeth the lesson on buying a house in England, Wales or Scotland!!

      Fingers crossed that all goes well with your second buyers.

  20. That sucks big time. Good luck with the other offer.

  21. I am so sorry to hear the offer fell through...what a namby pamby excuse!! I hope the next buyers go through with the sale for you. The waiting and wondering is very hard isn't it!

  22. What turds! Wasting your time!!

  23. Oh bugger.
    Tomorrow's a new day xx

  24. Sorry to hear things did not go as planned. Hope you get another offer soon. Take care

  25. So sorry to hear the house offer fell through :( I hope the other one works out for you!

  26. Oh man that sucks! At least you have another offer though so you don't have to wait for another offer. I hope the next one goes through smoothly.

  27. Anonymous2:11 PM

    SO SORRY TO HEAR CHRIS!!! hang in there - your home is lovely & will find it's new owners soon!!!!

  28. christine3:56 PM

    So, basically they just backed out? Creeps!


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