Saturday, July 11, 2015


'TRON' means Hamilton.  Don't ask me why it's called that, it makes no sense what so ever.

We are up bright and early for a Saturday cos we are picking up a hire trailer from the local garage at 7 am.  Then loading up another load for the storage unit and heading off to Hamilton as early as possible.

We are meeting up with 'our' Real Estate Agent as soon as we have unloaded our load at the Storage unit.

She is then going to take us to look at a few houses.  I gave her a list of possibilites that I'd seen on the 'net, so I already know most of the houses we will be seeing today.

She's found another one out at Ohaupo too.  Not sure we want to live out that way, but we will go and have a look... ya never know, it might be amazing.  *smiles*

So, that's our day planned.  I hope to come back during the day and update, let ya know how it's going.

It really is fun looking at houses, I just hope we can sell our home fast, so if we see something now, it's still available when we are in a position to buy.



Well we have viewed 3 homes so far today.  We liked one... hated one and just LOVED one.  We shall be viewing 2 more soon out of town which are 'lifestyle' blocks.'s lots of fun.  Freezing here today, reminds me why I never really wanted to live here again.  *sigh*

But... Stew's job is now here.

 ABOVE:  We managed to transfer all of this... 

 ABOVE:  Through the miserable, cold, damp Waikato FOG... 

ABOVE:  Into our nearly full storage unit in Hamilton.

After that we met up with our lovely Lou who took us through 5 properties today.

 ABOVE:  of them, this was my clear favourite, but it's going to Auction in 12 days, so we shall probably miss out on it.  BUGGER.  It's gorgeous.

ABOVE: This is a brand new, never lived in home that we quite liked too.  It's not got the character or size of the other one, but it would 'do'.  

Dinner time, mine's getting cold so I'll go for now.

End of Day:  another excellent, productive day.  But I will be very glad to get to bed cos I'm tired, can hardly keep me eyes open.
nite nite


  1. Wow so you up early too. I have a crying puppy at 7 am. Have fun looking for a house. ...stop in if you have a chance

  2. WOW you were up early. You have been like a little rocket with getting the house ready-fantastic you! Have fun looking at houses.

  3. Wow nice house gee that's a full looking unit...... Already hope you haven't got much more might need another unit lol. -5 here but a stunning day.

  4. I LOVE that first house, too! Is there anyway you can nab it while counting on your house being sold? So you don't miss out on it. The second one looks dull in comparison! MAybe there will be others. BUt you found one tht everyone loves! That might not happen again!

  5. Oh I like that first house, very cool looking. The second one is kind of plain looking but I'm sure you could jazz it up with a little blue paint!

  6. That one! The one that goes aution today or very soon!


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