Sunday, July 19, 2015


It will be a mad house here this morning.

There's a few things to get done so the house is in perfect condition for our first Open Home.

Stew's got to tidy up outside, pick up doggie do's etc.  And I have to make all the beds, put linens in the bathrooms that match, vacum, dust, polish, tidy... tidy... tidy!

It's still shitty weather outside, but hopefully by the time our Open Home happens, the weather will have settled down.

As it's the end of the school holidays today, we might not get as many people through as 'normal'... but it is only the first open home, and the house has only been 'on the market' for 5 days.

So, we will wait and see how many turn up.  Fingers crossed for a half decent amount of interest.

That is all I have for now... I've got masses to do so will go for now.

Cross your fingers for us.


After having torrential rain, mini tornadoes and severe thunderstorms yesterday and overnight... we have woken to a stunning, sunny day!

OMG I hope it lasts till after 3pm.  Our open home is from 2 - 2.45 pm.  And it looks so nice with the sun shining. 

Well... the weather stayed gorgeous the entire time our open home was on, such a relief.  It is clouding over now and looks like it will rain again.

Apparantly there were 8 groups through the house today... I don't know if that's a good number or not for Auckland?  Maybe not.  But then, it is only the first open home after less than a week's advertising. 

It is now time to RELAX and do nothing.  I'm knackered.

Well we have had a lovely quiet afternoon, then Steve, Bex and the boys arrived for dinner.  Dante was his usual entertaining self, and wee Archer was adorable.

They have gone home now as the boys need to get to bed.  We shall watch the Sunday movie, which stars Tom Hanks, who is my most favourite actor EVER.

End of Day:  a big, hectic day, glad it's over.  Next one in a week.  *sigh*  
Paula, we did get some lovely feedback about our home.
nite nite


  1. Mine are tightly crossed Chris, how very exciting x

  2. Good luck - hope the weather gods are shining.

  3. Hope the weather stays nice and good luck

  4. I am waiting for an update on today's open house. So I looked up the time where you are. Open house starts in 15 minutes. So good. There is still time for an update before I go to bed tonight! I can't believe you have so many house options that you LOVE. Might be time to choose based on the convenience of the location! Schools, work, shopping, fabric stores, ect....

    1. 'FABRIC STORES'..... ha ha ha! You are too funny. But I like how you think!

  5. Good luck with the open home today :)

  6. Well you only need one to do an inspection, it just has to be the right one !

  7. Did your real estate agent give you any feedback on what the 8 parties thought of your place?

  8. dont know if that went or not but keeping fingeres crossed that a looker today is a buyer

  9. Wow the houses you are looking at very nice I do hope you get good feedback from your open home... And yes after yesterday torrential rain a stunning but very cold day here...

  10. 8 groups through sounds pretty good to me! When we were selling, I don't think we ever had more than about 3 groups through on any one day. Good luck with it!

  11. Yeah .... hopefully that positive feedback (which I'm not at all surprised about as your home is gorgeous!) turns into a second viewing and offer from one of the parties. My fingers are crossed for you!

  12. How exciting! I hope offers for your house start pouring in so you can start packing!!!!
    The houses you showed us yesterday are stunning!!!! Gorgeous dream kitchens :-)
    xo jj

  13. Good luck, I hope you get an offer!


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