Thursday, July 09, 2015


My plan of action today:

Push all the lounge furniture into the middle of the room and then clean all windows, marks on walls, paint walls where necessary, clean skirtings, light fittings and so on.  That will no doubt take all day.

If I get a chance I will also go down and pick up Brylee's quilt from the drycleaners, it's going on the spare bedroom bed.  

While I'm doing that, I shall be getting the kids to clean kitchen cupboards, take everything out, clean, and put everything back.  I'm sure they will just LOVE that.  *lol*

Hopefully the weather will be nicer today. I'm utterly sick of the rain.  I'm getting no washing dry at all.
And using the drier just makes the laundry walls all wet, and I just washed them all!  

It's certainly gotten bloody cold the past few days... just as well I'm so busy ... I don't get a chance to feel cold when I'm busy.

OK... time to get dressed and moving.  The work won't get done otherwise.


Well the lounge is very slow going.  Moving all the furniture into the middle of the room is a mission.  I also took the chance to wrap up and box all the china in the credenza and from the cupboards and drawer under the TV cabinet.
That took a while too.

I've got Griffin scraping crap out of the ranch slider runners (massive ikk) and Brylee is hanging washing as it's finally a good day.  Freezing cold, but fine.

I've stopped for a minute to update here, and OMG it's freezing!
I shall be wrapping up in a blankie when I do stop for lunch.
I've been on the 'go' for the past 5 hours without stopping.

 ABOVE: I got new linen for the family bathroom, double of everything because they were having a 'Buy One, get One FREE' sale.  SCORE!

ABOVE:  The lounge right now.  I'm waiting for plaster to set so I can sand and paint.  No point doing anything else till that's done, like dusting or polishing!  

ABOVE:  The Archgola 'room'/Dining Room is done.  It looks fabulous.

 ABOVE:  I just love how my dining room looks, pity it's too cold in there to use it right now.  *sigh*  But, I did know it would be over winter.
I hope potential buyers are not put off by it being a cold 'room'.   Maybe I should put a portable gas heater in there during Open Homes?

Well... because I had to wait for plaster to set on dents, knicks etc in the lounge walls, I decided to tackle the kitchen and family rooms.  DONE. DONE. DONE!

Super happy cos the kitchen could have been a nightmare... but it wasn't at all!   I must have kept that fairly CLEAN over the years  *smiles*.
Thank god I hate cooking in a messy kitchen is all I can say.

Tonight, after dinner, I shall sand the lounge walls and maybe tomorrow I will do the painting.  

I'm actually too tired to do much more today, I have literally been on my feet, or knees, or up a ladder ALL DAY, except for half an hour, when I stopped for lunch at 3 pm.

**  I was scrubbing away at a dark spot on one of the kitchen cupboards, and getting really frustrated cos the blasted mark WOULD NOT COME OFF... and then I realised.   It was a bloody SHADOW from the handle.  FUNNY, but not really. ** 

End of Day:  my fingers hurt.  Like, heaps.  Not going to do so much tomorrow... just sanding, painting and so on! lol  Man I hope the house we buy in Hamilton is as clean as mine is!
Can't wait to go to bed... so tired, AGAIN.
nite nite


  1. Yes I would pop the heater in there on open house day. You want them to see that it is a usable space regardless of the time of year. It's looking great Chris, keep going, you can rest soon x

  2. Anonymous2:17 PM

    wow - it's looking good & yes to the heater!!!

  3. Maybe have the heater in there and blaring before the open home and then take it away just before you go. Good luck with selling. such an exciting time

  4. I'd love to be able to tour your home. I know the buyers are going to get a well-cared for place.

    1. Where did you get your new bath mats from Chris ... I like the look of those and am in desperate need for some new ones.

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