Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Since we have looked at a few houses in Hamilton, we have been inundated with phone calls from the Real Estate Agents, wanting feedback.  

That's OK.

What isn't OK is pushy agents trying to talk me into taking them on as my 'exclusive' agent... assuring me that they will show us EVERYTHING available in Hamilton, no matter who's listing it is.

I didn't know agents could do that.  But they can in Hamilton it would appear.

So, I have been made to feel awful, being fought over by agents trying to get our business.  One agent was MEGA pushy yesterday over the phone, literally harassing me and I ended up getting quite angry.

So once I got off the phone with HER... I rang the Real Estate Agent who we bought our last Hamilton home with, (she also sold that house when we went to Palmerston North), and gave her our business.

Hopefully now I won't get harassed any more.  And Lou is a lovely lady, and she knows me fairly well!  I know she will listen to our requirements and not dick us around by taking us to see anything that isn't suitable.

So, today?  Repeat of yesterday.  De-cluttering, cleaning, Hospice run, and so on.
Maybe even another visit over to see Bex and the boys too.


Ha ha!  I'm far too busy to really miss Steve, Bex, Dante and Archer!  
I shall be seeing them again today at some point, so still seeing heaps of them.

Well... another load has been dropped off to the Hospice Shop, and I've bought new shower caddies and plugs, a paint tray and roller, and then I went to visit Bex and the boys too.

Only they were on their way out to the mall, so I came home.  

I'm now going to stop and have lunch... and maybe not much else as I'm completely exhausted.  Maybe the rest of today will be a rest break.

This afternoon I started painting walls.  It's amazing how quickly you can make a scuffed, manky wall look awesome again!

Steve and Bex and babes called in tonight, it was lovely to see them.  

We also had the Real Estate Agents pop in with the contracts for us to sign.  We now just have to get the house totally ready for the market, which should be in about two weeks!  It really is all GO.

So exciting.  And tiring!  This afternoon I literally hit a wall, bone tired.

But, tomorrow is another day and I'm up for it.

End of Day: Can't wait till bedtime, it's so nice and warm in our bedroom!  I went down to the garage just before and couldn't believe how COLD it was down there!  I'm never sleeping in a bloody garage again!
nite nite


  1. Yes, agents can show you any house and if they are the first to show you and you buy, they get a cut of the commission - even though it's being marketed through another company. Good luck finding a home :)

  2. That's how it works here, the buyer usually has a realtor and so does the seller.

  3. How is it so far without Bex, Steve, Dante & Archer? Have you been too busy to really miss them?

  4. Nothing worse than overly pushy salespeople. That turns me off them immediately. I'm glad you have someone compatible to do business with. Good luck!

  5. Damn pushy sales people!!! Hope your lovely agent sorts your out. I can't believe how quickly this is all happening!!!

  6. Glad you found an agent down there that you like. I know you need to get stuff done but don't bloody kill yourself.

  7. Good luck, hope your house sells quickly. Must be terribly quiet now that the grand babies are gone.

  8. Sounds like you are keeping yourself mighty busy! I really need to do a lot of painting but ugh first I need to prep the walls.


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