Saturday, July 04, 2015


Today Steve and Bex are coming over.
Steve is going to do odd jobs around the house and help Stew move the double Fridge/Freezer downstairs  .... AGAIN.
I bet they knew it wouldn't stay in the Archgola 'room' for long!

It's all for 'presentation' of course.  The Archgola room will look much bigger and nicer without the fridge/freezer in it.

Hopefully the guys will also tackle most of the 'outside' jobs too.

Sorting out the under house store room is one big job.  We have a single bed down there which is coming up into the spare bedroom.  It's not got a bed in it now, as I gave Dante the bed from that room.  He was used to sleeping in it and probably thought it was his anyway.  *smiles*

Waterblasting the concrete is another job lined up for the guys.

OH... they have to buy another gate too, I'm not leaving my gorgeous antique gate here!

While they do that, I shall be working on getting the laundry, family bathroom and Brylee's room finished.  Then I will have completed that entire end of the house, which will then just leave the living rooms and kitchen.

And they won't take anywhere near as long to get spic and span.  I hope.  (Oh gawd, just remembered the bloody oven! Ikkkk).

Right, that's me for now... catch ya later.


Mad house!  We've been down to Bunnings and bought a new gate, window latches, fencing etc... and it's all go here today.
Steve and Bex and their boys are here helping too.

I've finished every room 'down the hallway' except Brylee's room.  That will be finished by bedtime.

Well we just had a lovely visit from my Brother-in-law Richard, his wife Olla and their twins, Dewi and Vern.  We only get to see them once every year or two as they live in Indonesia.
The twins are now 11 and such lovely, QUIET children!

Unlike our Dante, who spent a good hour showing off, running up and down the house and being a little ratbag.

Two hours later and it's time to cook dinner.  Teriyaki Chicken.  Steve and Bex are looking forward to that.  Bex hasn't had my Teriyaki Chicken before.

Dinner was wonderful, everyone loved the chicken.  Steve was in 7th heaven!

The guys watched the rugby after dinner, then Steve, Bex and their boys went home.

I finally got Brylee's room finished, which means all the bedrooms, the bathrooms and laundry are DONE.  Thank god.  That was a huge job.

End of Day:  I will be so happy to get into my bed tonight.  I'm bone tired AGAIN, and even my fingertips hurt tonight!
nite nite.


  1. Pay someone to come in & do the oven, there are companies that actually do that.

  2. Thanks Tracy, I just booked a clean. OMG thank you, that is one huge job I don't have to do.

  3. Your house wulook amazing Chris. Good luck with it all. X

  4. My god Chris, that all sounds so exhausting I think I have to have a lie down. :)

  5. Good girl at least that list is getting smaller eh!!!!! And then you be flying through it and busy as ever book a clean top to toe at HAMILTON end while new house totally empty best money my friends ever spent green clean came and cleaned ceilings walls windows carpets etc etc skirtings cupboards EVERYTHING she said best thing she ever did.

  6. What are you doing in all those rooms? Mending and painting the walls?

    1. Cleaning: ceilings, light fittings, walls, skirting boards, doors, fixing and painting the walls that have marks, small holes from posters being pinned up, washing windows/window sills, vacuming, de-cluttering, tidying up the wardrobes, putting nice linen on the beds.... that's about all! OH and vacuming them last. I think that's all!

  7. WOW! That is amazing. You don't mess around! Fixing and painting walls is a huge task? The cleaning is to, but wow! I am impressed! You are making me want to move!


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