Monday, July 20, 2015


The kids go back to school today, THANK GOD.
I don't think I could stand listening to them sniping and arguing for another full day.

Even when they are playing together nicely, like on the XBox, they constantly talk... or have running commentaries as they play ... OMG so aggravating!

The minute they have left the house for school today, I swear I'm going to lie on the floor and just BE.

Soak up the SILENCE, and count my blessings that school is COMPULSORY!

Once the novelty is over, I shall do the freakin' washing.  Didn't do any yesterday obviously, and there's at least 3 loads to do.  But, I think that's all I need to do.  There is a bonus to having Open Homes I suppose, the house is CLEAN and TIDY already.   *smiles*

So, that's me for now.  Catch ya later.


Well... I enjoyed the silence for a while, then decided to go out and register the dogs before I got zapped with triple the fees.

I also got them new collars, Frontline (just in case a flea ever thought it was a good idea to land on one of my dogs!), and a couple of new toys for Tallulah.   She LOVES toys, and if they squeak, even better.

 ABOVE:  Tallulah had to get a blue collar as there was not much choice.  She's 'posing'!

ABOVE:  Both the girls looking contented in the warm lounge.  

ABOVE: Finally, a smiling Archer.

ABOVE:  And another one!  You have to work to get a smile out of him sometimes.

ABOVE: intense concentration required to pick up stuff with a 'claw' it would appear.
Very cute.

Time for lunch and a relaxing afternoon.  I could get used to this.

Well it has indeed been a quiet afternoon.  It's cold today, so I've been under me blankie  feeling sorry for myself actually.

I've got a massive rash from sitting in a car most of Saturday... groin in fact.  OUCH!  Heat rashes hurt there I can tell you!

That's one reason why I dislike long journeys, sometimes I'm fine, other times BOOM... RASH.

I bought some 3B cream today, and it's just making it BURN and hurt like bijesus!   I'm wondering if I'm allergic to it even?


I've got pork cooking in the crock pot... it smells nice, but the crackling ain't gunna be 'crackling' of course.  That's a bugger.

Better go and serve dinner eh?  It's a later dinner for us tonight.


  1. School summer holidays doesn't start for awhile. The bonus is that it is so hot, all the kids are inside and not yahooing outside. Makes it peaceful :-)

  2. Wow archer getting so big....

  3. You so deserve to have some quiet you time Chris after all the hard work you have done over the last 2/3 weeks especially!! Enjoy the quiet!

  4. Anonymous8:18 PM

    Steve's zit needs squeezing. Argh, gross, do something about it man!
    Susan Park, AL, USA

  5. Zinc oxide cream is good for that rash. You get it from the baby section at the supermarket because it is also used for nappy rash. Our whole family still use it for heat rash & chafing.

  6. Yes enjoy the quiet and clean house, was cold cold here again I'm currently under a blanket as I type!

  7. Good to hear your open house went well. Hope someone makes you an offer soon. Enjoy your peace and quiet.

  8. The kids are so cute, and the pups too!

    Scott talks non stop to himself like that, always a running commentary. About drives me batty sometimes.


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