Sunday, July 26, 2015


Ah, yep. 
I'm feeling a bit seedy after indulging in 'a few' wines over dinner last night.
I'm a one glass wonder when it comes to wine, and I had about 4 glasses of wine.

Not feeling the best right now.  Silly me.

We have another, and hopefully last, Open Home this afternoon.
So, it's back to getting the house all tidy and ready for that.

Not much else to blabber on about right now... must get the washing on, make beds bla bla bla.

Catch ya later.


10.20 am: It's getting easier and faster to get the house ready for Open Homes.  I didn't even make a start on tidying etc until after 9 and I'm already mostly done.
I'm also not letting myself get all hot and bothered ... and crabby.
Last weekend I was literally yelling at the kids to stay still and not mess anything up!  
Poor buggers.

While our Open Home is on we are going to visit Steve, Bex and the boys.  The dogs will come with us in their travelling crates.  

So, everything is all sorted in my befuzzled brain.  *smiles*

1.05 pm:  all ready to go.  Just waiting for the Real Estate guy to turn up then we can leave the house up to him.
We are looking forward to spending some time with the kids in Mt Wellington.

4.30 pm:  just got home from Steve and Bex's.  We had a really lovely visit with them.  Dante was ever so entertaining, and Archer?  That baby is a dream ... and so very happy.  His whole face lights up with smiles... though he doesn't like me with my glasses on!
So.. I take them off of course.  *smiles*

 ABOVE:  See the evil smile on Bex's face?  She had just pinched Steve's chest... he probably had it coming.  ha ha.

ABOVE:  Griffin and Dante hanging out together.

We have not heard from the Estate Agent on how today's Open Home went yet.  I hope we had a decent amount of people through after my efforts to make the house perfectly presented, warm and cosy.  It's a dreary winter's day today, showers and cool.

ONE MORE SLEEP until we find out if our house sale becomes unconditional!  Then, and only then, can we make a move on our preferred home in Hamilton.

Stew is cooking dinner tonight.  We are having sausages, mashed spuds and salad... only I'm having PEAS and hot gravy... cos I love peas and gravy!   Me mouth is watering just thinking about it.  lol

End of Day:  heard from the Estate Agent, it was fairly slow at the Open Home today, only 4 groups through.
But it was a miserablel afternoon, so not to worry.
Off to bed soon, hope I can sleep!
nite nite


  1. I hope you get two or three "back up" offers. Just for ease of mind.

  2. Hope today brings you a back
    Up offer or two. Otherwise roll on 5pm tomorrow

  3. Sarsha, we already have one back up offer on the table, signed and ready to go!

  4. Hope all goes well Chris. I was sad to leave Auckland and it's back to reality now with the family. I would come back, even though I didn't see much what I did see was gorgeous!!

  5. It is a lovely city Bec, and I will be sad to leave too. But, if I want to continue living with Stewie, I must move! And ... I actually love the bugger, so I better move! lol

    1. I am sure it is just as great where you are off to. You and your hubby are super cute!!

  6. One more sleep , I'm having sausage peas and gravy too!!! Yummmo


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