Tuesday, July 07, 2015


Guess what?

I'm actually really enjoying all the HARSH de-cluttering I've been doing!
It's so good for the soul, getting rid of all the clutter that we take from one house to the next.

I really can't believe how much utter crap I've held onto over the years!

My next big job is to finish painting kitchen cupboards.  There's 5 doors to do... and it's another one of those jobs I've been putting off.  But, I really can't dilly dally any longer!  Photos will be taken in just 6 days, so I have 6 days to get them painted, dry and back on the cupboards.

I've also got a small load for the Hospice shop today, and I am also going to drop off a Sky Decoder in Mt Wellington.  I've discontinued getting Sky TV in the garage.  I am not in there sewing much now am I?  *smiles*

Stew will be home tonight... I've missed him.  At least he doesn't have to commute far, or for long hopefully.


My right arm is KILLING ME!  As if cleaning and scrubbing for almost 2 weeks wasn't enough, I've just sanded those kitchen cupboard doors and now I'm about to spray undercoat on them.
I can't believe how amazing Steve's orbital sander is though, what a machine!  I want one so bad.

It's 20 to 11 and the two teenagers are.... still in bed! I'm wondering just how long they can sleep in? 

And the answer to that is: 11.15 am.  Griffin's stomach most likely woke him up because the first thing he asked me was could he get some bacon out of the freezer?  That boy is food driven.

The undercoat is now on the cupboard doors.  Waiting for paint to dry... might do that run to the Hospice shop, go to Bunnings for more bits 'n' bobs I need, etc.

Well... time past quickly before I realised I'd not updated!
I did get to the Hospice shop and Bunnings, then came home and crashed out on the couch!

2 hours later and it was time to cook dinner.
Stew just got home from Hamilton too.

After dinner I shall be spraying the first top coat on the kitchen cupboard doors.  It's taking longer to dry due to the cold, wet weather.

First top coat on... one to go and they are done!  Phew... they were weighing on my mind.  That's one of the last big jobs done inside the house

End of Day:  well I didn't get much done today... compared to other days, but I did make a solid start on those darn cupboard doors!
Another long list for tomorrow.
nite nite


  1. Ever thought of boxing up a nice "lot" and offering the group on trademe? Because money. :)

  2. De-cluttering is actually known to be very good for you! I frequently go through stuff and get rid of anything I haven't used. I heard a man on the radio the other day saying how he'd travelled in a campervan for a year and he said it's amazing when you realise you don't need!

  3. I'm guessing the teenagers will stay in bed as long as you're cleaning and might need their help!

  4. I got home from work yesterday and my teenager was still in bed - at 6.30pm!!!! Apparantly she had been up but clearly not for long.

  5. oh! Teenage life! They were the days!

  6. Something I've read lately re helping with de-cluttering - one thing in - and two things out!

  7. Wow you are flying through the jobs good on you clearing and decluttering is very good for the soul...


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