Sunday, March 01, 2015


After sewing for several solid hours last night, this is how much of the stitching I got done on that little dragon wall hanging:

ABOVE:  it's coming along nicely.  

The basting spay glue was a fail by the way.  It didn't stop the fabric puckering.  I'm starting to think I need to find some really GOOD QUALITY white fabric to use for my wall hangings instead of the cheap Spotlight stuff.  Maybe that will make a difference?

QUESTION:  So many people who see it think it's a boy dragon.  I think it looks like a girl dragon!  Pink nails, horns, fins.  Lilac/purple  body.  Blue under belly is all.     What do you think?  If everyone thinks it looks like a boy, how can I add something to make her look like a girl???

It's for a baby girl after all.  *sigh*

Today we plan on going out for lunch, then doing the grocery shopping.

I'm not dreading it so much.  It's a chore that just has to be done.  It's better than cleaning the bathrooms I suppose.  *smiles*

IT'S MARCH!  Shaking me head.  

So, that's me for now.  Catch ya later.


Lunch.. done.

Grocery shopping.... done.

Unpack groceries and put away... almost done.

Beat my smart arse husband ... about to do.

So... I've spent the last couple of hours adding bits to Miss Dragon, and finishing off the stitching.  
I've almost finished!  Just got to do the whites of the eyes, sew the binding on and then it's pretty much done.

ABOVE:  So... does 'she' look more like a girl with eyelashes and a necklace?

ABOVE:  a close up.  I think she's GORGEOUS.  And of course I'm not biased or anything!  lol

Dinner tonight was pork belly and veges, so yum.
Watched the final of Broadchurch, excellent resolution.  Now just glued to The Missing.  No hints and nothing about what's going to happen PLEASE!

End of Day:  an good day, end of a lovely weekend. Thanks for all the lovely comments about my little dragon.  
nite nite


  1. Hi did you stretch the backing fabric on the floor and tape it down with masking tap before spraying it. It shouldn't make any difference what fabric you use. Then you put the batting on and smooth it out, spray batting then smooth the top onto it. Leave it for ten minutes then peal off the masking tape and away you go. I've used it many times and had no problems.
    I love the little girl dragon. Maybe she just needs a bracelet or necklace. .?? You are such a kind soul Chris. Love you.

  2. Your dragon project is looking amazing. You could always add a bow on her head, or as Karen suggested, some jewellery/bling. She really is gorgeous!

  3. It wouldn't really matter to me if it was a girl or a boy dragon (well, I'm a mother of boys so maybe I don't know lol). But if you want to 'girly' it, what about adding something to the blue areas on belly and face? Give her some blush on cheeks or some pink spots on her tummy? Just an idea:) Yay for Sunday, I'll pull out my machine today, too, and see if I can figure out what caused the tension issues...

  4. I think she looks like a girl, but Monika is right pink spots on the belly would do the trick.

  5. what about some eye lashes to make it look more like a girl ?

  6. Your little dragon is sooooo cute. I think it looks girly enough already but why not add a little pink bow on her head to emphasise the fact.

  7. Anonymous10:55 AM

    I thought beads or a bow on her head as well. Anne

  8. I already thought of eyelashes... might go with them and some BLING! Not sure about pink dots on belly... it might be a bit too busy.

  9. O that's cute as a bug's ear!!!!! Chris have you tried Hobbs Fusible cotton batting? It's only a temporary fuse, washes out in the first wash ... but I've found it holds the layers together really well for quilting/applique'.
    Joy x

  10. or a little crown on her head? plus maybe a necklace or eyelashes .. though, I think she looks fine as she is :)

  11. Well, with dragons you can't really TELL, can you? :)

  12. Me too eyelashes for sure.... To make it more girly... A lovely hot day here and I will get too test drive my togs at the pools even...

  13. Yep the eyelashes do it !
    So does the necklace too

  14. Man, I just about missed most of yesterdays blog. I never know when you "continue" on in a day. You have such darling kids and grandkids! ( all except for Lacy's toe - sorry lacy, that must hurt like H E double hockey sticks) I hope you will be happy with the new tiles on the floor. I am sure you could toss them in the bathtub with Steve and Dante and they would be just fine! I loved the dragon before - but now there is no question. Plus the Giant name on the side is an indicator - but Oh Well...

  15. She is beautiful Chris. The necklace is cute. You are so awesome X X

  16. That dragon is so adorable! You are so talented :)

  17. She looks amazing! Sarah is a very lucky little girl. :D

  18. Sarah is 7 days old.... it might be a while before she even notices it *smiles*

  19. I think she's beautiful! You really did that one fast!


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