Monday, March 16, 2015


We are so lucky.  Now that Steve is an almost qualified builder, we don't have to get someone in to do builder type jobs around the house.

Getting the laminate off the stairs caused considerable damage to the underlying steps, so our very own 'Bob The Builder' fixed them:

 ABOVE:  Yaaa... all done, ready for CARPET.  OMG I can't wait for carpet on the stairs.  I will no longer open the front door and see all the dust on the stairs!  
It didn't matter how often one swept those bloody stairs, the dust was back there moments later!

Wednesday it should be all done and I can finally get the house all sorted out again.

From yesterday:

 ABOVE:  Bex baked this lovely chocolate cake, with fondant roses too!  Very pretty it was.

ABOVE:  Blowing out the candles... note Steve's beard!  Mike, you ain't the only one who can grow a ginger beard like ya Dad!

Bex hates it by the way.  I don't mind beards, as long as they are groomed nicely and kept short.  Steve is going for the 'bushman, gatherer' version right now.  Needs a trim.  Said his mother ever so quietly.


Well after worrying about the bloody cyclone... it was a non-event here in Auckland.  It also looks like the remainder of the country is only experiencing mild stormy weather, nothing dramatic.
What a relief.

Sadly, Vanuatu is still in clean up mode, and there are still people missing, presumed killed. 
Because it's an island nation, many islands are still not in communication with aid agencies, so no one knows just how bad it was for them.

I hope it's not as bad a feared.

I'm off to Hospice Shop this afternoon, leaving Miss Muppet with Bex and Dante.  Those two littlies are almost over each other now... they are having the odd scrap and squabble.  
But not too bad.  
Keera goes home tomorrow... Kelly is picking her up and taking her back to Lacy in Tauranga.

First time ever, Hospice duty was excruciatingly SLOW and BORING.   I didn't even find much treasure!

ABOVE:  two pairs of earrings, I wanted to change the hooks on the ones on the left cos the existing hooks look yuk.

ABOVE:  she even did it right there and then. Cool... thanks Bex.

 ABOVE:  I also got two pure wool blankets, perfect for the dogs/puppies... when we have more puppies that is.
Tallulah hasn't had her first season yet, so puppies are still at least 10 months away.  

End of Day: our last night having Miss Muppet... and tonight we have to get all the furniture, appliances etc out of the family room and kitchen, ready for tomorrow.  Yaaa, more disruption in the house.
nite nite


  1. Happy Birthday Bex! That cake is beautiful. My hubby is growing out his Ginger Beard for the first time in his life. He actually went to a place called The Art of Shaving, and they did his first face grooming. It looks nice - but to maintain that fancy facial hair is a job! He pretty much has the beard along the jawline and has to shave above and below that line.

  2. That looks like one seriously GOOD cake! YUM.
    And having someone around that can do the contractor type work is my dream! I'm forever looking for someone to help me on "small" jobs and it's nearly impossible to get people to come out.

    Glad you missed the hurricane but so sorry for the folks in its path. Very sad. Very scary.
    xo jj

  3. Wow, that week went by quickly! And hey... I like your sociopath thing on the sidebar. SOMETIMES it's safest to cut them out of your life very, very slowly... back awayyyy slowwwlyyyy... just trust me on this. ((hugs))

  4. Anonymous5:08 PM

    Happy Birthday Bex!!! Cake looks lovely :-)

  5. love the blankets. Colour is gorgeous. Would make neat bags, quilts, cushions. Would be $30 each down here if they're wool.

  6. That cake oh yummmmm I gained 5 pounds just looking. Lovely earrings perhaps people were staying cause of cyclone cough Pam......

  7. Glad to hear the stormed spared you. Belated Happy Birthday to Bex. Lucky you having your own handy man.

  8. Love the earrings. Ugh beards. Yuck. I was so happy when Scott finally shaved his off.


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