Sunday, March 22, 2015


Grocery shopping, and getting some new mousetraps.
I was sitting in the family room last night and bugger me, there was ANOTHER darn mousey!

Grrrr... the weather gets just a teensy bit cooler and BOOM... MICE.

Not nice.  Gunna eradicate them ... come hell or high water.  I will have nightmares of them crawling all over me in bed otherwise.

As it is, every little thing I see moving makes me jump out of my skin.  Anyone would think I was SCARED of mice.

Well.. I AM!

At some point today we expect Steve, Bex and Dante home.  Dante has a tummy bug by the sound of it... what a shame he had to come down with that while away.

Right, that's all I've got for now... catch ya later, have a nice morning.


Groceries done for another week... and I got FOUR new mousetraps.  Two old style, and two new style.  I'm determined to catch them.

We had lunch at KFC Mt Wellington, and as we were travelling along Mt Wellington Road I spied a shop I'd not seen before.

ABOVE:  It's called The Ribbon Rose, and used to be in Ellerslie. They have classes, so I'm going to one tomorrow night to see what I think of it.
As for the shop... it's HUGE.  It has all sorts of supplies for Crafts/Patchwork/Knitting and so on.
Mind boggling in fact.  I can see me being there A LOT in the future.

Very excited to find such an awesome shop only 15-20 minutes from home.

Steve and Bex got home in time for dinner... only Bex wasn't wanting any.  Now she's got the tummy bug Dante had.  She's feeling pretty crook.
Hopefully by tomorrow she is feeling a bit better.

End of Day:  a good day, even with grocery shopping thrown in.
The Missing finished it's first series tonight... left hoping the 2nd Series ends better than the first.  
p.s.  I now have FIVE mouse traps out overnight.  Fingers crossed for a dead mousey in the morning!
nite nite


  1. Anonymous7:48 AM

    Good morning ewwwww mice lol Dantes feeling a lot better we were up sipping water most last night. Hes back to him self today ill try him with toast soon :)


  2. Cool thats good....maybe a 12 24 hour one

  3. Good thing they haven't found your grocery cupboard yet! We had one or two, ate threw everything, but the dogs caught them eventually and also set up traps, but the dogs seem to work much better. Hopefully the one was not pregnant. Also had rats in the celing once, and that was a nightmare, you could hear them fight and squeak at night and eventually had to get ear plugs to able to sleep. Used very strong rat poisen to get rid of them, I usuallyt don't like poisen with pets around.

  4. Ughhh... I'm feeling so creepy! Mice! I hope you are able to catch them all very soon.

  5. A funny thing happened today Chris - a lady at Sylivia Park shopping mall asked me if I knew how to get to "Ribbon Rose"... hehe... YES I did, after you mentioning it yesterday :)


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