Saturday, March 14, 2015


Stew has a job to do concerning work first thing this morning.

After that the day is ours.

We are going out to get a couple of things for our fence/flooring prep etc.  

As we have Keera, I can't see me getting any sewing done for the next few days.  That's OK though, I have 7 weeks to get the cot bumper done after all.

ABOVE: our two toddlers ... growing up far too fast.  They learn grown up stuff too fast too.

Keera was 'talking' on her toy phone and going "What?  what?  Oh for f*#ks sake!".... I swear, she used that language and with so much expression.
Lacy... she's been listening to you too much.

Mostly though, they both just run around saying "Hello... baby babble... Bye".

I've been feeling really down the last couple of days... reasons not to be divulged here... so some retail therapy might just sneak in today.
I'd rather that than down a block of chocolate!

So... till later...


Well.. so far we have done NOTHING we planned for today.
Got unexpected visitors:

ABOVE:  Russell and Ange called in.   

We had a lovely visit, and now they have headed off, and Stew, the kids and I are about to head out as well.

There is a Pasifika Festival down in Manukau that we are going to check out.

ABOVE:  the Pasifika Festival was nuts.  Too many people, too hot and dusty, and dozens and dozens of food stalls, all selling the same sort of food.  Craft stalls were scattered here and there, all GROSSLY overpriced pacific type things.  Shirts, dresses, lava lavas, black pearls, woven stuff, wooden stuff, shell stuff ... I DIDN'T SPENT A CENT!

We did the outskirts, then got outta there!

We ended up at Sylvia Park where we had lunch, did a wander around and came home.

I'm now all hot and crabby.  Feel like ripping someone's head off and shoving up up... well you know where!  So over this heat.  Frustrations.  Annoyances.  Worries.

End of Day:  Just watched 'My Sister's Keeper' movie.  Bad move.  Sure didn't help me mood.
Time for bed... hoping for a better night's sleep.  It's still so HOT here!  Humid as hell too... makes it so difficult to sleep.
nite nite


  1. Oh you were brave going to pasifica in this heat it's way too hot out there I get ya on the crabbyness lol enjoy the rest of your day

  2. That looks crazy-so many people in the heat. Cute photo of Russell and the littlies.

  3. Phew crazy crowds crazy heat you crazy as! Russell is looking well.. How nice having heaps visitors...

  4. I wondered what Pacifica would be like, figured it would be too crowded for me. Hope you have a nice evening & get some time to relax.

  5. That's a terrible movie - made me cry. I try to only watch happy movies, too much sadness in life that I need the movie to be better x

  6. I watched it too. I actually liked the end better than the book although the rest of the book was better than the movie. The book ending was just a cop out as far as I was concerned.

  7. *waves* How IS Russell, anyway? Haven't heard too much about him of late.

    Those toddlers could be siblings. Such sweeties. I hope you guys stay out of the storm's path - update us soon, ok?

  8. I read that book an the movie has as a different ending. Talk about being pissed in the movie theater lol.


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