Monday, March 09, 2015


Photos from yesterday's visit:

 ABOVE:  Pink hair, yep, she's going back to blonde any day now.
Tallulah is thinking... "What the hell, scary?"

 ABOVE:  "Stop blowing on me face ya silly tart."

 ABOVE:  "Oh hell... how do I get outta this, she's a mad tart.  Let go of me ears!"

 ABOVE:  "Seriously, it's just NOT A GOOD LOOK."

 ABOVE:  Hee hee... just got kissed on the moosh by the puppy.

 ABOVE:  But... they are lovely kisses.

 ABOVE:  "My, what a long tongue you have."

ABOVE:  "Pay back...  nibbling HER ears now."

ABOVE:  "Kids, so over them!  I think I'll just stay up here on Dad's lap."

Tallulah loved all the attention, she had a blast.

Today, I've got a couple of little jobs to do down 'town' first thing this morning.  Then I'll come home and do some housework.

After lunch, Hospice Shop duty... where I will finally give Bernadette the little dragon wall hanging for her newborn granddaughter, Sarah Bernadette.


Well... a semi-busy day at the shop this afternoon.  A few lulls here and there, but all good.
I got some treasure, will show you tomorrow as there's quite enough photos on for today.

Suffering from a stress headache right now... some things just set me off instantly.
Stuff going on at school that is making me bloody angry, but I'm trying not to let it get me too mad.
Stew can sort it out I hope, cos if I try I might just throttle a certain person.  SO OVER BLOODY KIDS.


Forgot to mention, YES, Bernadette did indeed love the wall hanging, she cried AGAIN. So cute.  Nice to know my work is appreciated.

End of Day:  well... another "day in the life"... some ups, some downs.  Tis just how it is.
nite nite


  1. Rena is such a cute little girl! Loved Brylee's reaction to her gift! I had tears watching her!! What a sweet Aunt Kelly she has.

  2. Evil lady....but we had fun.

  3. I wonder if some of the headache is just the dust from construction/tearing up the boards and will settle down soon. Though you DO have your share of stress and that's for sure. I'm glad you had a great visit and your puppy is happy. :)

  4. Good reading your posts again as its been a while. Hope things are going well. Looks like things have gone to the dogs in your house!! Sorry for the pun I just couldn't resist.

  5. Tallulah what a cutie those faces said it all. Hope Bernadette loved the wall hanging.

  6. I hope all is ok at school. ...


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