Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Today our little Keera goes home to her Mummy.  It's been really lovely having her for such a nice visit.  

I'm expecting Kelly sometime this morning to pick her up and take her back to Tauranga.  At least the weather isn't too horrible for their trip.

Last night's shenanigans:

ABOVE:  Steve's idea of getting the underlay rolled up fast.  *sigh*   Only he would do it this way I'm sure.

ABOVE:  Then stand up and peel it down.  Well... it did work!

ABOVE:  I can't believe we are seeing the darn concrete AGAIN, after only two years.   

I'm seriously thinking of writing something on the concrete. 

Steve reckons I should write "If you are reading this, PLEASE don't start digging!"

Anyone else got any bright suggestions???

Having our Archgola/side curtains has meant we could put a lot of our furniture and stuff from the Family room in there, while the carpet and vinyl is being laid.  What a godsend it has turned out to be.

I am not sure what time the man from Carpet Court is due here today, after lunch 'sometime' they said ... hopefully he gets here and gets heaps done before 'knock off time'.

Right, that's me for now, I better go and pack up Keera's stuff ready for her departure.  


First up this morning I tidied up all the Tupperware and some of the kitchen cupboards... then the rest of the morning has gone to plan.  Kelly and her friend Amanda arrived, stayed for a natter then left, with Keera,  just before lunch.

Best thing... the Carpet Court guys arrived earlier than expected and are laying the vinyl as I type:

ABOVE:  Pretty sure they will get the kitchen part done today.... then tomorrow the carpet.  Yaaaa.

Time for some lunch, and watch Home and Away!

Those men got the vinyl tiles done, then left for another job.  They will be back tomorrow to do the carpet and should be finished by end of day.

The afternoon was rather quiet, I fell asleep on the couch!  
Then I did dinner, we had pork spare ribs, potatoes, mixed veges and cauliflower cheese.  Rather yum.

End of Day:  so ready for bed tonight, it's been a long week caring for a toddler again!  Well... that and family angst, flooring issues, and not doing so well with my diet. 
Emotional eating took over in a big way.  
Hopefully I can turn it around again and get in control again.
nite nite


  1. Maybe you could just get the concrete polished instead of covering it up lol

  2. paint around someone like in a crime scene

  3. Hmm, did I just lose my comment? Don't know what I stuffed up there... Oh well, was just saying how funny Steve is and how great he must be to have around and keep you all entertained.

    Hope you are well Chris.

    Clarissa (Tully)


  4. Ohhhh industrious beavers house will probably be warmer quieter? Good work Steve and helpers.

  5. I bet it will look great when it's done! Steve is such a crack up.


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