Thursday, March 26, 2015


Today Bex has a Playcentre meeting, and really doesn't feel like taking Dante.
So ... he's coming with me.

We are going to Spotlight to get the fabrics I need for his baby brother's cot bumper.

It is a rare event that I get Dante all to myself, so we might just have a trip to a lovely coffee shop too.  He can have a 'fluffy'.  *smiles*

Apart from that, I shall be doing bugger all until Bex arrives home again.  Then I shall get on with my sewing.

Poor Tallulah is going mental.  She can't be inside while she's in season... (messy), so she's confined to the laundry and back yard.
For two weeks.
She's taking it really hard.  

I have set the crate up in the lounge for her, but she just cries in it.  *sigh*
It's going to be a long two weeks.

My diet has gone to hell and back.  Really struggling to get back on track.  Emotional eating has taken over.  Feeling really wound up and stressed about 'stuff' going on for a family member. NOTHING I can do about that person's situation ... but it doesn't stop me from worrying.  
I'm trying though... to get healthy, sensible eating under control again.

I did a bit better yesterday.  Maybe today I'll do even better.


Let me introduce you to my gorgeous niece Rowena.  She is having her FIRST baby and a few months ago she ELOPED too!

Normally she is a TEENY TINY girl... it's so amazing to see her pregnant!

 She is due a couple of days before Bex, so I decided to take some photos of Bex today to compare:

ABOVE:  Two gorgeous bellys.  
Thanks for allowing me to post your photos Rowena.

Thanks for the lovely comments about the preggy girls... they are gorgeous girls eh.   AND YES, Brylee looks a lot like her 2nd Cousin Rowena.  But without the red hair.

Dante and I had a BLAST at the mall and Spotlight.
I put him in a Spotlight trolley, not in the 'baby' seat, but in the main part of the trolley, then I proceeded to push him really fast around the aisles, saying "Arooooound the corner, UP the aisle" loudly!  He loved it.  We did get a few amused glances cos I was being a hoon, but who cares?  We had fun.

After Spotlight we went to the mall, and he had to walk everywhere.  Evil motive... get him good and tired. He enjoyed an early lunch of Burger King fries, nuggets and a thickshake.

Now we are home, and so is Bex.  Hes all her's again.  *smiles*

As per usual, it's been a quiet afternoon... I kept meaning to go downstairs and carry on doing the baby bumper... but somehow it didn't happen.

It was takeaways for dinner tonight.  Pizza.

Steve and Bex went out for dinner and some shopping at Farmers.  There was a ONE DAY ONLY sale on clothes and they wanted to get winter stuff for Dante.  They had a good time by the look of it.  

I am going downstairs in a minute to get my sewing bag ready for tomorrow's class.  It's the last class at The Crafty Needle tomorrow.  We are having a shared lunch, I don't know what I'm taking yet.
Time to sort that out in the morning.

End of Day:  a lovely day, it was so lovley spending the morning with Dante... just the two of us.
nite nite


  1. Positive thoughts mum...positive thoughts. ..

  2. Have a lovely morning with Dante, 2 weeks hmmmm that is a long time, baby steps one meal at a time one day at a time.......

  3. If you are going to Sylvia Park Spotlight the coffee shop on that level is good.
    Visited it recently on our holiday. Will be visiting it again in November. I LOVE Spotlight.
    Helen in France

  4. I'm sure everyone will say it, but OMG, how much does your niece look like Byrlee??? I seriously thought you had dressed B up to look pregnant with a pillow at first.....!!!!xxxxx

  5. Hi Diet Coke!
    I am loving todays pregnant ladies photos! What a joyful time. How about putting the pup in a diaper of some sort???? Looking forward to hearing about todays outing with Dante. Hope it went smoothly! I am still trying to figure out if I am ever going to try this Pork Belly thing you keep raving about. It's not something I have heard of here in the U.S. But they do have unsliced bacon chunks at the butcher. Is that what I need?

  6. Oh my goodness, Brylee is the living image of your niece!!!!! :)

  7. Ditto what Kelly said and Ditto what Joy said.

    The situations are out of your control and as a physiologist was once heard to say 'don't worry about the thinks that you cant change'. It wasn't said to me but has helped me a few times

  8. Yes, Brylee was my first thought too!!

  9. Oh my gosh gorgeous bellys !! And yes I thought Brylee too in those images. Grandmas are allowed to he silly.......

  10. Anonymous2:26 PM

    lol @ the trolley antics!!! Beautiful baby bumps & mumma's!!!!

  11. I also thought Brylee and Rowena look a lot alike!

  12. Anonymous7:20 PM


    I thought your niece looks a lot like Lacy and Brylee...


  13. Gorgeous ladies!! I know it's been said but wow so much like Brylee

  14. Lovely looking moms, good luck ladies! Won't be long now.

  15. I was thinking Byrlee looks a lot like her too!

  16. So much pregginess! MY but Rowena looks a lot like Lacy. In a wholesome Little House on the Prairie sort of freckly way. She's cute.


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