Saturday, March 28, 2015


So, how does he look?...

ABOVE:  Of course, I've got to do all the stitching around the lines etc, and add the name.  So, not exactly finished.
But, you know how it goes, you will get another look once I've done the stitching. 

Except, ya won't get to see baby's name.  That's a secret until hes born.  4.6 weeks to go till he's due.

Today we don't have any plans... but I'm sure we will find something to do.  Maybe start planning the little fence to go with me 'new' gate?

We will have to get really strong posts for one thing, that gate weighs a tonne!  I can hardly lift it.  They don't make gates like that anymore I reckon.

Right, I'm off to see what's up with everyone.  


We have visitors.  Gordon, Kelly and Rena came up to pick something they bought on Trademe, and stopped in here.
So I took Rena Birthday Present shopping.  She turned 7 the other day.

ABOVE:  She got a bit spoilt.  I think Dante was wondering where HIS was.  Sorry kid, not your birthday mate.
Rena was really happy with being allowed to choose her own presents.  

We walked into the toy shop and she literally wanted EVERYTHING she saw.  Luckily, we had Kelly with us to reign her in a bit.  *smiles*

We still don't have any firm plans for the day.  Maybe it ends up being a 'stay at home' day?  That would be a rare weekend event!

DOGSTARS:  Yes it is made up of individual pieces of fabric.  They are held there by double sided, iron on stuff called Steam A Seam.   Once you have decided where you want the animal, or whatever you are making, you position all the parts and iron it onto the backing fabric,  and it stays there.  
Then you stitch around all the different parts to keep them there permanently.

It's a technique called Applique and I love it as it means you can literally make a picture with fabric.

We ended up going to Sylvia Park for lunch.  While there we picked up some groceries for dinner.
I'm making Lasagna, with beef, bacon, tomato and mushrooms.

After that, we went to Ponsonby and did something we haven't done since we lived in Palmerston North.

We booked our NEXT TATTOS!

Stew and I will be getting them done on March APRIL the 8th.  I will not show you what we are getting done until they are actually finished.  *smiles*  

Dinner was OK... not as nice as I thought it would be.  Next time I will buy the pasta you have to pre-cook yourself.  The pasta sheets I used tonight were not that soft after cooking.
Got an unexpected overnight visitor... Sam the Poker Man.  
He's a good friend of Steve and Bex's and he's up here playing in a poker tournament.

I escaped downstairs for the evening, watched me favourite TV programme, Coronation Street.  

End of Day:  a lovely day, with a few extra, unexpected things thrown in (tattoo consultation!).
nite nite


  1. The Lemur is beautiful. Is that actual put together with little pieces of different colored fabrics, or what? How do you do that? How is it attached so it can be flat like that? I don't sew - I am clueless! Can't wait to see that darn name!!!! How exciting.

  2. OMG, that is crazy. I can't even imagine cutting the pieces out, let alone the rest of it! It's really darling. And I know Bex will appreciate the work that you put into it!

  3. Gorgeous Lemur Chris!!!.... I'm super-excited to find out the name as well xxxxx

  4. Lemur is looking good Chris

  5. Is that March 8 next year?

    1. Fook. I meant April 8th. DOH.

    2. April 8. The day I fly to Spain for long awaited grandchildren cuddles.
      I love the lemur

  6. Awesome can't wait to see the new tattoo I want another one just not sure what or where always looking and pinning

  7. wow tattoos and baby names. you do like your secrets! lol! can't wait!

  8. Love the Lemur, tattoos how cool, Not long now to another new baby. Rena looks so grown up.


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