Friday, March 06, 2015


Well, today is the last day to see the little Wall hanging I made for my friend's grandbaby Sarah.
I didn't get around to adding the hanging loops, so will do that in patchwork class this morning, before I hand it over to Bernadette after class.

 ABOVE:  DONE, except for the loops and dowel.
I love her so much I shall most likely make another one just like it... for me.

I'm sort of happy to say the Archgola is DONE too.
Paul came back and fixed a couple of things, some holes he'd made in one part and added another piece of plastic to stop rain getting in on one corner.

ABOVE: Sadly we still have a couple of issues, like one of the blinds is very hard to roll up or down as it's too close to another blind (on the left there) and there is still a gap all along the front edge.  Time will tell if the rain comes in there.

We are paying up the balance and moving on.  If we have any problems later on, it does have a warranty thank goodness.

I think the Archgola and blinds are AWESOME, I just wish it hadn't taken as long as it did, after being told back in NOVEMBER that it would be  done by mid January. Hello, it's March now!  And communication was utter CRAP from the installer.  That is, I think, my main annoyance over this project.  But, we are moving on. 

I'm off to Patchwork class as I mentioned earlier.  Then after dropping off the Wall hanging I will come home and do bugger all I reckon!  *smiles*


I've just popped home, forgot my camera to take a photo of Bernadette holding her wall haning.  
I also grabbed this stuff from Animates this morning

ABOVE:  I'm hoping like hell it will stop Tallulah chewing the rugs in the house.  Fingers crossed.   Otherwise she will be in a play pen!

It hasn't been my day.

Bernadette must have forgotten we were meeting at lunchtime today.  I went down to Hospice Manukau and she wasn't there.

Then I came home and tried out that repellent spray on one of Tallulah's favourite soft toys.  She loved it.. licked it up and carried on chewing her toy.  Fricken typical.

Now what?   Putting her in a play pen is about all I can think of now.

And another day of NO COMMENTS!  Pfffft.

End of Day: lost the plot tonight and stuffed my face with biscuits.  Not sure why.  Crabby I suppose.  *sigh*
It's another day tomorrow... and let the fun begin.
nite nite


  1. Haha... Bloody rip off products!! Can you take it back?

    1. I'm going to try to take it back tomorrow, if they WILL take it back is another story.

  2. By the way you've got "Comments are lovely to recieve"... on here, should be receive :) Just sayin...

  3. Barbara8:30 PM

    I'll make a comment! Kiwi builders seem to be as bad as Australian ones! We had a pergola installed a while back and they skimped
    on the shadecloth and now it's tearing. So it's not just your archgola. It's so annoying when you pay a lot of money and they don't
    do a decent job!

  4. Sorry busy day at work so no time to comment. I love that wall hanging, it is gorgeous :-).

    I think it is hilarious that Tallulah liked the taste, if she likes sour maybe try something sweet.

    Have a good evening.

  5. Gorgeous wall hanging .... one very lucky young lady to have that hanging in her room! I can see why you want to make another one.

    Fingers crossed you have your archgola sorted now.

  6. Apparently as a toddler I used to seriously chew the sides of my cot. Stories have it that I used to lick off the bitter repellent my parents put on and then continued chewing;)

  7. Pepper, chilli? Not sure a spray bottle with water in it..... Spray each time she looks like she is going to chew....

  8. I was going to say to take that stuff back but looks like someone beat me to it ;)

  9. How weird. Maybe you had very few comments b/c people are not seeing your post somehow. I scrolled through your blog earlier today and didn't see it. Hm.


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