Tuesday, March 31, 2015


I have my eye on a Horn Craft Table on Tradme, and am going to check it out this morning in Albany.
There is also one for sale via Trademe in Blockhouse Bay... both auctions close on Friday.
So, hopefully I will get one of them for a decent price.

Otherwise... the lady who owns The Crafty Needle has one for sale.  And I might buy her's if the price is right.  

So, three options.  

I don't actually have room in the sewing room for one... but it will be so handy to use once we no longer use the garage as our 'bedroom' too.

ABOVE: This table is higher than a sewing desk or trestle, so it will be so much better for my back.  Fingers crossed I can get one.

Sewing room.  After I get home I have to re-arrange it AGAIN to accommodate the shelving unit I took out of Griffin's room.  That might be a big job as space is limited.
But it will be great to be able to reach everything, instead of having to get the step ladder out.  

That's the ladder I fell off last year and gave myself a horrendous bruise with.  I'm a bit hesitant to use it now.

So, I shall be out going soon, hoping the traffic is not too heavy.

Yesterday, 5 pm... after refusing to have his mid-day nap:

ABOVE:  sound asleep.  Woke up an hour later in a foul mood.  Over tired.  Hungry. Too hot.  *sigh*  Toddlers.  They are adorable, but hard work.  At least it's Bex and Steve's job to keep him happy, not mine!
I just get the kisses and cuddles.

Looking at him like that... wow he's grown!  A little boy now, not a baby.  And Bex's belly... I'm getting so excited.... Grandbaby # 13 is nearly here.  He's going to be loved to bits in this house.


Well.... I've been, I've seen and on Friday I will bid on that cutting table.  It's just what I want, in perfect condition and hopefully I get it for the right price.

After leaving Albany, I stopped in at the supermarket to get some chickens for dinner... and $122 later. ... I left the shop!
We are having 3 roast chickens, veges and potato pom poms for dinner.
Did I mention we are having my Aunt and Uncle for dinner tonight?

Well... we are.   I've made an Ambrosia dessert for after dinner too.

Now... I have to go and rub Dante's back... he wants me to.
Who am I to say "No" to my darling grandson?  *smiles*

I just spent almost 2 hours in the sewing room... re-arranging shelves etc.  What a shit job, and one I've done so many times it's not funny!

Time to stop now though and concentrate on dinner... we are having family over after all.  In fact, they are due in half an hour!  I hope my face isn't still beetroot red when they get here. 

End of Day:  Well dinner was lovely, the chooks came out really moist and delish. We spent a very enjoyable few hours chatting.
nite nite


  1. Anonymous7:08 AM

    Chris, have you tried IKEA? They have wonderful multi function tables for the fraction of the cost of a second hand table.
    Kind regards as ever
    Babs, uk

  2. Babs, we don't have IKEA here in New Zealand.

  3. Love the table I want one.

  4. That's such a functional table, wow Dante is bigger that's for sure. Its nice when lil kids have there lil wants and needs from Grandma and Nana...

  5. I've had one of those tables for several years now and even though it's big and heavy I won't part with it. They're perfect for cutting on and pinning out quilts too. I got mine in perfect condition at a second hand shop for $145 88 years ago. Good luck Chris.

  6. Anonymous2:04 PM

    I'll volunteer for a back rub!!! What's Ambrosia??


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