Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Well... let's repeat myself.
I loved last night's new patchwork class, I really like the tutor and the 3 ladies that were there were nice too.

I decided to make a sampler quilt, so I can get better at the finer points of patchwork.

The tutor said she will help me with that.

While I can sew fairly well... my finishing and accuracy needs heaps of attention.

AND she said she can teach me how to do 'free motion' quilting, so I can quilt my own bigger projects.

That takes about 10,000 hours practice I'm told.  BLOODY HELL!

Luckily I'm up for the challenge.

Anyway, here's the quilt I'm going to be doing, only in different colours:

ABOVE:  I can choose to make it bigger or smaller... depending on what size bed it's for.  On that score, I'm not sure yet.

ABOVE: This is the 'class room'.  It's limited to 7 members at a time.  I loved being there last night cos I had the fan behind me!  Bliss.  Also, the tutor has hot flushes too... lol.  I'm not alone!

Today I'm going to finish the first block the tutor set for me.  Then I will give you a look at the colour scheme I've chosen.  Any guesses?

Nah, scrap that.  You are bound to get it right!

At this stage, I don't know how Steve is feeling, or even if he's gone to work.   

Hopefully Bex is 100% better today.

Nothing worse than being 35 weeks pregnant and feeling sick as a dog I'm sure.

Right, I'm off to make me bed, do some washing, vacum, get dinner ready (we've got my Aunt and Uncle for dinner tonight)... then do that block.


BELLA:  I had already noticed that symbol was the REVERSE of the Nazi symbol, and am not going to use it in my quilt.

For more information on the early origins of that symbol... which was in use way, way before the Nazi Party adopted it, go here : http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-29644591  

My morning has been AWESOME!!!  As Steve is home feeling ill, I invited Bex to come with me to check out The Ribbon Rose shop... this time in leisure!

Bex was amazed at the shop, as was I once I had the chance to browse properly.

I ended up spending 'a bit' there, and got this lot:

 ABOVE: I so want to make that amazing wall hanging on the left!  There is a class running right now doing it, but I will just do it in my patchwork class when I've finished the quilt.  

ABOVE: More patterns and a book.  I LOVE the doorstop with the mushrooms etc ... they had one finished in the shop and it is utterly gorgeous.  The photo does not do it justice at all.

ABOVE:  a rotating cutting mat!  Never seen one before, HAD TO BUY IT.  It's going to so useful when cutting/squaring up small blocks etc.  I drooled over it.  The monster fabric is going to be made into a pillowcase or two for grandkids.

This morning has been so cool!  So nice to go shopping with company, and to have to time to really LOOK.

Tallulah has finally got her first 'season'... which means if she follows a similar timeline to Coco (which she should) we will have puppies again in February next year.  Excited!!!

Biggest decision now is who to pair her with.  Mac, which would produce 100% Shih Tzu puppies, or a Bichon for half/half.  Luckily I have to time make up my mind.

I have had to postpone our dinner guests, due to us having 'bugs' in the house.  Last thing they would want is a tummy bug.

Lunchtime... off to find food and watch yesterday's Home and Away.

I went downstairs after lunch to finish that first block... but got carried away doing some tidying up instead.  So, no finished block today after all sorry.

I managed to prick the side of me thumb, right into the side of the nail with a pin and it's now really painful to type!  So, I'll wrapping up the day.

End of Day:  Pork belly and veges for dinner tonight, really YUM as per usual.
nite nite


  1. That will be pretty, I'm sure it will be BLUE lol

  2. The second from bottom on the left is the symbol for the Nazi party. Blues would look lovely. Maybe a small one for when Dante gets his own bed.

  3. So glad you are loving your new class. Your new quilt will be stunning I'm sure.... maybe for your new grandson??? xxx

  4. Your new quilt will be great. Looks like you had a great morning shopping. Will need to check out the shop. I've made one of those doorstops before and they look so good-and it's easy to make.

  5. Wow loving all the bits n bobs you bought very cool, I ESPECIALLY LIKE the doorstops.there are bugs down our way too, sign of winter coming etc....

  6. I love the doorstops, what a cool idea.

  7. Beautiful quilt have fun making it. You have so many projects on the go.

  8. Funny I was scrolling through this post a 2nd time and noticed that square and then your comment was right under it.

  9. Anonymous2:24 PM

    glad the new class was good!!!


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