Sunday, March 08, 2015


We rearranged the furniture in the family room yesterday, after ripping up the laminate.

And now we can access the breakfast bar again.  So... we are going out today to hunt for durable bar stools.

The last lot we got, at considerable expense I might add, did not stand up to vigorous use by kids (read Griffin)!  They were too high spec, with gas lift etc.

This time around we want rugged, simple and durable.

I did some 'homework' on the 'net last night and have narrowed it down to just a few.

They vary in price in a big way... from about $88 right up to $299.   Something tells me we won't be spending $299 per stool though, even though I absolutely LOVE the $299 one!

Can you guess which one above is the $299 one? 

That's all I have on today's agenda.  Kelly and Rena are due here around lunchtime, hopefully we are home by then!


We bought the ones I had my eye on. Will show you when we get home. 

By the way, the one that was $299 is the wood and metal one, top left with the green metal band and winding up mechanism.  It wasn't comfortable at all, and we just could not justify the cost.  The other three did not appeal when seen in person.

We bought 4 of the stools at the very top, we ordered a red one, blue one, green one and white one.

They only had the white and red ones still 'in the box', so we have to wait for the other two.... BUT HOLD ON.

We got home and opened the two boxes :

And the white one had a massive wobble on it, so I had to turn around and drive back to Sylvia Park to return it.  So bloody annoying.

And the other white one in the shop had a big chip on one of the legs... so now we are waiting on three of them.  *sigh*.

Not my day again.

Kelly and Rena are here... and this happened:

ABOVE:  she got her surprise.  I'm uploading the video...

ABOVE:  Kelly sitting on our solitary bar stool.

ABOVE:  the video of Brylee getting her surprise.  So funny.

End of Day:   It was nice to see Kelly and Rena and for Brylee to get such a nice surprise.  Time to head off to bed.
nite nite


  1. My guess is the stainless steel one with the back support as the most expensive. But I also like the dark wood four legged one

  2. Changed my mind, I'm guess the top one because of its design. It's not my favourite though

  3. I like the top one with the green legs.

  4. I don't trust the three legged one with the green band, it looks like trouble in the future. I kind of like the wood slat one too. Or if you want a back to lean against - there is only one choice.....

  5. I personally prefer chairs to stools but I think that might be a more expensive option... The one on the bottom right looks nice and sturdy I think:) I have a piano stool a bit similar to the top left on (second from top) and it creaks awfully!

  6. Either of the two on the bottom would be my choice, they look simple and sturdy. And no moving parts to stuff up. My guess for the priciest would be the tripod with the green band around it, which IMO looks hideous!

  7. I have had friends with both the middle two options - and the one on the left only lasted a matter of weeks with their kids; and the one on the right went "wobbly backed" for the other friend. Was actually scary to sit on. I have also had friends with the bottom left one - and it was very sturdy and durable. I think either of the bottom two would be durable choices personally.

  8. It's good to hear your comments on the laminate. I'm going to think twice on it now.
    Good input .

  9. What an awesome reaction from Brylee .... and how awesome is Kelly as an auntie in organising such a lovely surprise. I'm sure they will have an amazing time.

  10. Oh I cried with her!! What a gorgeous surprise!!

  11. Wow perfect reaction, I just showed Siobhan so she could see how to react when you are given 5SOS tickets :-) She did inform me she is very grateful though. Something for Brylee to look forward to.

  12. wow, awesome reaction to a awesome gift, I had tears in my eyes too

  13. I really like the bar stool with that metal bar, very cool!


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