Friday, March 27, 2015


Today I'm feeling a bit sad.
It's the last class at The Crafty Needle Shop as it's closing down.
After Easter Ngaire is having a big closing down sale, so I shall be back there for that.

Otherwise, if the tutor does not start up an independent class of her own, I will only be going to the new class in Mt Wellington on a Monday night.

At least I do have something else lined up!

I packed my sewing bag last night, so no mad rush for me this morning.
Though I do have to find something to take for our shared lunch.  Probably fruit.

I'm starting to feel a bit crabby about that gate I bought from Napier.  I was told it was 'on it's way' last Friday, so I expected it Tuesday, Wednesday at the latest.  It's still not here.
I hope the darn thing gets here eventually.

I feel jinxed.  Just about everything seems to be delayed, stuffed up etc lately.


You know Autumn is nearly here when Auckland Airport is closed due to FOG.

ABOVE: when I first got up the day was very cool and grey.  FOG, first of the year.  And it's closed the airport.  Now it's starting to clear above, but the thick band of fog is still hanging low over the hills... right down to the sea. 
This means it's finally going to get cooler.  Can't wait!
My hot flushes have been out of control the past couple of weeks.  

Right, I better get a move on!

Talk of the devil!  I just got home from class, and see my gate hasn't arrived... and am about to ring Napier to find out where it is... and the phone goes.
It's the delivery man wanting directions to my house!
Gate is almost here!  YESSSSS.  

 ABOVE:  It's here... and it's beautiful!   I got it cheaper than 'normal' because it needed a new coat of paint.  BUT... here's the neat thing, I love it looking old and weathered.  It is NOT getting painted.

And it has some history to it now as well.  
It was the last item picked up by the driver of the truck it was being transported in, and sadly that young man had an accident minutes later and died in his truck.

The gate was damaged and had to have a minor repair before I finally got it.  So, I'm going to treasure this gate.  If we ever leave here, it's coming with me.

While I was outside just now, I noticed this:

ABOVE:  A flower on this Bromeliad.  We have had a few Bromeliad's in pots for about 20 years, and I think I've seen flowers on them maybe 3 times!
So, although the plant is looking rather tatty, the flower is gorgeous.

Class today was very low key, we did a bit of sewing, but mostly yakked.   Our shared lunch was lovely.  All going well we will be meeting up at the Tutor's home next term, until we can find a suitable venue to meet at.

End of Day:  Didn't do much this afternoon, mucked around in me sewing 'room', turned a small trestle table into an ironing board, a much better size than a regular ironing board too.
Got the bumper pad reading for stitching too.  Will show you tomorrow.
nite nite


  1. Must be the day for fog - we had pretty thick fog here this morning on my way to work, although as I was driving along and turned the corner, it mysteriously completely vanished. I hope you enjoyed your last day at your current class (and that lunch was good!)

  2. Anonymous3:30 PM

    Jealous of the gate - for sure. I wouldn't know what to do with it but it is LOVELY! Leave it to me in your Will!


  3. Oh we had fog here too. The gate is gorgeous as is Dante.... The colours on that bromeliad are divine very striking.

  4. Your gate is so pretty! I wouldn't paint it either. What's the point? It's decorative and has a story to tell as-is. :)

  5. Lovely gate. Enjoy the cooler temps. Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. That flower is gorgeous! Love the gate, so pretty. So sad about the driver :(


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