Sunday, March 15, 2015


Today Steve is going to prep the stairs in readiness for having carpet laid on Tuesday/Wednesday.

Yep... not on Monday as first expected.  But, at least we were informed about the delay, not just left hanging.

This afternoon we are taking EVERYTHING out of the 'dining room' and putting it in the lounge.  Because... Cyclone Pam, which devastated Vanuatu yesterday, is headed our way.  Even if it just 'grazes' past New Zealand, it has the potential to do some damage.

So, we shall empty the dining room, pull up the blinds and hope the wind and rain blows through instead of tearing it apart.

Knowing my  luck lately... well *sigh*... let's wait and see.

Often we expect a storm to be really bad coming from the Pacific, and it peters out before it gets here.  Let's hope that happens OK?
Below is a link to a neat site that shows you the winds, in real time, in the world.  The Cyclone is very clear on it.  I'm keeping an eagle eye on it for sure!,-27.10,441 (If you do check it out, and in case you don't actually know where New Zealand is ...  Go DOWN to the bottom of the world, we are to the right of Australia)

Right, I'm off to get the day started.  


Forgot!  HAPPY 27TH BIRTHDAY BEX.   I hope you have an awesome day.  She got Spotlight gift vouchers so she can get more wool, a gorgeous necklace from Steve, chocolates, 27 scratchies from Steve, and this:

ABOVE:  A new laundry hamper, which she loves.

Stew, the kids and I are going to a Motorhome/Outdoor show at the ASB Showgrounds sometime today too.

Maybe I will find something to satisfy my retail therapy urge there?  *smiles*

Well... the Motorhome/Caravan show was one of the best shows we've been to. 
We saw heaps of gorgeous caravans, and fell in love with this:

 ABOVE:  all we need is $80,000 and a bigger vehicle to tow it!  Luckily, dreams are free.

ABOVE: Cyclone Pam has been downgraded to a category 3 cyclone, and she's getting closer.  It's clouding over here, and the wind is getting up.
We have taken EVERYTHING out of the 'dining room' and rolled up the blinds.  There is nothing else we can do now but wait and see if it's as bad a storm as expected.

LEIGH:  done.  I hope it works for you.

End of Day:  well a fairly pleasant day.
The 'storm' has not really hit us at all ... yet... or if it does indeed.
I'm still glad we brought all the dining room furniture etc inside, just in case.  I'd rather do that than regret not doing it and having stuff ruined.
It's been a lovely evening too...Bex baked her own Birthday Cake and we helped eat it.  Photos tomorrow... I'm too tired now.  It's time for bed.
nite nite


  1. Wow, I hope you get through the storm without any damage. It sounds like it is time for you to have some calm time in your life.

  2. Happy Birthday to Bex! I love the idea of the number of scratchies matching her age - hopefully she won a few dollars from them too.

    I hope that Cyclone Pam doesn't do any damage up your way. I cringe to think that we were in Vanuatu ourselves just over a year ago on our cruise and feel so sad for the lovely people there that have most probably lost their homes, and some may have also lost lives.

    Enjoy the Motorhome/Outdoor Show - a motorhome would be a fun type of retail therapy - then you could escape when you wanted to (I know .... expensive solution eh?). Have a good time.

  3. Anonymous10:28 AM

    Happy Birthday Bex !



  4. Happy Birthday Bex. Hope you are having a great day. Kate

  5. Leigh3:20 PM

    Just a suggestion, but could you make the links you share 'clickable', as you can't copy and paste from your blog

  6. Mmmm... I can copy and paste from your blog.. but yes, links are good. I'm following the cyclone too but think it will be not much more than a usual storm (hopefully). Happy Birthday to Bex too - I forgot to say the other day (when I commented about Keera) just how cute Dante is. He looked so lovely in the photos you posted with Keera. Very handsome little boy :)

  7. Happy Birthday Bex!! Stay safe everyone!

  8. Thanks Chris the link is clickable now. I knew that Australia has 2 cyclones near by but didnt know about the NZ or Asian ones. I hope the NZ one down grades a lot before it hits land.

    Happy Birthday Bex. hope you have a great day

  9. Happy birthday Bex, hope you had a lovely day. Love the hamper very cute, yes I postponed having me blimmin carpets cleaned this weekend as all furniture had to go on open decks...

  10. happy birthday Bex. I hope you don't have any damage from Pamela, Chris. We used to live in Qld so we've seen our fair share. Don't miss them a bit!! In fact, Marcia went through my old stomping ground recently!

  11. Anonymous11:28 PM

    Thank you ladies for the birthday wishes <3 I had a lovely day thanks relaxing xxx bex

  12. Happy Birthday to Bex!


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